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Receive up to ₹10,000 on Each Friend You Successfully Refer

Earning money through ecommerce may indeed be an exciting business idea to consider. But what if we tell you that you can also receive rewards by successfully inviting others to start selling?

This is where the Amazon’s “Refer a Friend” promotion comes in as a part of, a marketplace trusted by more than 12 lakh sellers in India. But before getting excited about the promotion one must be sure to wonder one thing
Refer a friend promotion
"Refer a friend" promotion

What Exactly is “Refer a Friend” by Amazon?

The “Refer a Friend” is a promotion by Amazon that opens up exciting reward opportunities for registered sellers on Participating sellers (hereinafter known as referrer) have the potential to receive rewards worth up to INR 10,000 by referring the Amazon marketplace to others (hereinafter know as referee), once the referee start selling on

How Does 'Refer a Friend' Work?

Participating in the promotion is a fairly easy process. To get started, follow these simple steps:
  • Step 1 : Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account to access the Refer a Friend page under Growth tab on Seller Central Home Page.
  • Unique referral invite link
    Unique referral invite link
  • Step 2 : Once land on the Refer a Friend page, you'll find your unique referral invite link exclusive to your seller account.
  • Step 3 : Share this unique referral invite link with your friends, family, or business acquaintances who are interested in becoming sellers on and selling their products on the marketplace.
  • Step 4 : To ensure both you and your referee can receive rewards, the referee must create their seller account on using the link you shared with them. This way, the system will recognize the referral and associate it with your account.
  • Step 5 : As your referee launches its business on the Amazon marketplace, you will be eligible to receive initial rewards of worth INR 2,000 for successfully bringing them into the seller community. And, the referee will also be eligible to receive reward worth INR 500.

What Rewards can you Expect from the “Refer a Friend” Promotion

As a part of the promotion and subject to the Terms and Conditions, you may have the chance to win rewards worth up to INR 10,000 through the "Refer a Friend”. Additionally, the person you refer to will also be able to receive rewards worth up to Rs 1,000 once such person starts selling on Here is the breakdown of the awards you stand to receive once your referee starts selling on
Earn up to Rs 10,000
Earn up to Rs 10,000
As the referrer, you will be eligible to receive an initial reward worth INR 2,000 if your referee launches their seller account on the Marketplace. However, to be eligible for this, the registered seller account of your referee must become active by listing products and setting it live within 30 days of registration. In this case, you as well as the referee will be able to receive their rewards on the next Monday after 50 days from the date of their launch on

Furthermore, you may qualify for additional rewards worth up to INR 8,000 based on the number of orders (net of cancellations and returns) fulfilled by the Referee for a period of 45 days from the launch date as a seller on For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions

On the other hand, If the Referee fulfils more than 10 orders (net of cancellations and returns) within 45 days of launch as a seller on the, then such Referee will be eligible to receive additional Rewards worth INR 500 on the Monday which follows right after 50 days from the date they launched their account on

What makes the promotion more exciting is that there is no limit to the number of persons you can refer to join Amazon. With each successful referral, both you and your referee(s) stand a chance to receive rewards, making it an exciting opportunity for all participants. To redeem your rewards, you can visit the online portal at once you log in to your Seller Central account. Here, you simply enter the desired amount you wish to redeem. You must note that you need a minimum of 250 rewards in your rewards account balance to be able to redeem your rewards balance.

The redemption options may include Cash Rewards, Services under the Service Provider Network (SPN), or Gift Cards, giving you the flexibility to choose the form that suits you best. For more detailed information on redeeming rewards, you may refer to the specifics available on the seller rewards page within Seller Central.

As a seller, it is important for you to be vigilant for opportunities that can benefit your business. The "Refer a Friend" promotion is one such exciting promotion worth exploring. Please read the Terms and Conditions of “Refer a Friend” carefully before participating.

And now that you have the necessary knowledge about the “Refer a Friend” promotion, don't hesitate to seize this chance and start referring. With minimal effort, you can open doors to exciting incentives and further enhance your selling journey on . So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to refer your friends, colleagues, or business acquaintances to launch as sellers on and start referring today!
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