Source and sell textiles from wholesale markets in India

by Priyanka on 25/06/2018
Readymade garments might have become the norm of the day but the love for fabric has stood the test of time. Nothing matches the excitement of roaming around in the crowded wholesale markets of India and buying textile of your choice to create customised outfits, pillowcases, bags, curtains and what not. What if you take this passion and turn it into a business? Ever considered becoming an entrepreneur by sourcing and selling textile from various wholesale markets in India?

To put things into perspective, the textile market plays a leading role in Indian Economy. Industry research shows textile contributes to 3% of India’s GDP*. Indian Textile market is the second largest in terms of global textile produce.

So, realising your dreams of becoming a textile entrepreneur is a lucrative business idea. You can open your brick and mortar store to sell textile or take the online route to do the same. In fact, you will find many online stores offering interesting fabric blends to the consumers on the lookout for the same.

To start off, let’s learn:

How to source fabric from wholesale markets in India

In order to start sourcing, you need to first decide on what you will offer and to whom you’ll offer it. Textiles are versatile. They could be anything from daily wear to occasion wear.

Fabric sourcing, also known as shopping the fabric market, is the first step once you have your design concept in place. Once you have your inspiration, design concept, or trend in mind, you can source and choose fabrics that communicate these concepts and trends. If your design concept is clean, sleek, and futuristic, you may be looking for gabardines; or if soft, floating, and airy is the look you want, then you might ask if a supplier has chiffons and georgettes. Additionally, if your collection and company ethos is all about sustainability, then you may be sourcing organic cottons and recycled-fibre textiles. Once you basically know the fabrics that convey your themes, or know a specific fabric type for a particular project or buyer, then you are ready to begin sourcing your fabrics.

It’s better to focus on your local wholesale market to begin with. Once you scale up, you can visit other prominent whole sale destinations in the country and source fabric designs per your choice and requirement.

Branding and promotion of your products

You need to promote your textile business. Start a social media campaign by creating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to promote your business to all of your friends and family. This word of mouth publicity can give you the initial reach that you want. Run contests from your store for your customers to participate in. Conduct training classes for people who don't know how to sew and teach them so that they can use your products. Network with others at local events and trade shows to promote your business.

Pricing your offerings

The pricing will mainly depend on the kind of fabric and the quantity you are selling. Since you have a retail venture, you will obviously sell at a markup. But the trick is to sell interesting designs and patterns. For that, you need to be abreast with the latest market trends.

The Amazon advantage

If you are planning to take the online route, then you can save a lot of your initial investment by signing up with Amazon. Our seller portal can be your trusted partner in selling your textile products by reaching out to a countrywide audience.

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