Are you wondering how to market a new product online this festive season?

If you are looking for a market to sell a unique or a new product, there has probably never been a better time. Let us take you over the top three things you must know about marketing a new product and what makes it the best time to sell on Amazon.

First, set up your store where your customers come to visit. Successful sellers across the country are gearing up for the mega festive sale that will attract crores of customers sprawling over the marketplace. To cope with the increasing customer demand, there is constant need for more sellers to join Amazon and set up their business. By becoming a part of a busy marketplace, you would have already taken care of the first aspect of marketing. When more customers can see your products, the chances of purchase increases.

Second, a selling business might be new to you; therefore, it is important that you collaborate to sell inside a market that has been established for a while. For example, Amazon has been the leading e-commerce marketplace for close to two decades now. Customers across the world know and trust the brand. To launch yourself with a brand that is trusted, gives you an edge over your competitors. It also allows customers to buy from you in a hassle free manner, as they trust Amazon.

Third tip would be to look for special offers and discounts. If you decide to launch your business during a festive season, you might as well benefit from the innumerable offers not just limited to customers but also for sellers and business owners.

One such promotional offer is Advertising Ka Baadshah!

In our earlier posts, we have elaborately written about the various ways by which you can market your product on an online marketplace like Amazon. This festive season, you will be rewarded to market your product.

To participate, here is what you will need to do:
Register on Amazon and launch your store
Log in to the Seller Rewards Portal using your seller central username and password.
Click on the Advertising Ka Baadshah offer, so you will directed to the offer-landing page.

Once you are on the Offer-landing page, click on the subscribe button.

Post subscription, you will you need to spend at least INR 15,000 on Sponsored Products campaigns from September 15, 2017 to October 15, 2017 (both days inclusive) (“Contest Period”) and ensure that the advertising spend is double of your spends on Sponsored Products during the month of August 2017.

The top 200 sellers will win Amazon Seller Rewards worth INR 10,000. Further, the top three sellers amongst the 200 sellers will win the maximum Rewards worth INR 50,000 instead of INR 10,000.

Among the top 3 sellers, the top 2 sellers will get an invite to the Amazon office in Bengaluru, India where they will be given certificates and trophies.

Excited? Well, here is the detailed Terms & Conditions of the offer for you to quickly get started.

Happy Selling!
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