Online marketing strategies for e-commerce business

by Anindya Ray on 15/12/2017
Online marketing strategies for e-commerce business
Consumers and businesses are now almost always online, which is why online marketing or digital marketing is becoming the most important part of marketing strategies. Simply put, your online marketing strategy is a series of actions and decisions that will help you achieve your online marketing goals. If your scale of business is high, it is likely that you will have multiple goals which makes strategy building a little less simple.

Let’s look at some online marketing strategies that should help you achieve your online marketing goals:

Search engine marketing and optimization:
When you are online, being tucked away in the wilderness is no way to exist. Your objective of being online is to be found, so you will have to do something that takes your business name up in the search rankings making it easier for people to find you. You can improve your searchability with search engine marketing and optimization (SEM and SEO). SEO will ensure that your business name appears on search engine results. This increases traffic to your site and your chances of being found by buyers who are looking for products like yours.

Content Marketing:
The core of your online marketing is content. Any and every message that your brand communicates is content. The pictures and videos that you have on your site are content too. In fact, content marketing is very versatile, valuable and useful to engage visitors to your site and helps convert them into leads and customers. It also has the power to raise your brand’s profile online. Once it is optimized, it will support your efforts to increase searchability and organic traffic.

Conversion Optimization:
Now that you have traffic coming to your site, you will have to think of how to convert them into buyers. There are many ways to do that including using contrasting colours for your call to action button, reduced fields in signup forms, not using cheesy stock photographs which put people off – use real life pics, use the magical word Free, create urgency, your phone number in big fonts, add a video, add ‘real’ testimonials, tell the visitor what’s in it for her/him and many more small things that increase conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing:
These days, social media is the highway to reach your customers. Content is king in social media as the relevance and quality of your content will decide whether the audience will engage with you and ultimately pay a visit to your site. Social media gives you great brand visibility, helps in creating your brand image and encourages more traffic to your website.

E-mail marketing:
If there is one medium that has a very favourable cost to result ratio, that is e-mail marketing. E-mailers give you the opportunity to touch your customers at the right moment, like sales promotions, festivals and occasions, personal milestones and when you are launching a new product or offer. You can use e-mailers to cross sell and up sell your products thus increasing the value of your website. You can use them to encourage repeat traffic, increase engagement with your brand and keep it top of mind all the time.

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