Here’s Why you should get Prime ready for this Prime Day Sale

Meet Arun. He’s a seller on Amazon India. His business was not running and he really wanted to get a kickstart somehow. Looking for opportunities, he came to know about the Prime Day Sale. That got him excited, as sales always bring possibilities of increasing business revenue for sellers. He started reading on how he can make the best use of this sale. And then he found out about the Prime seller. He learned about the huge potential that prime holds for him, and soon became a Prime seller himself.

What convinced him to become a Prime seller? How can Prime bring more advantages to Amazon sellers? Let’s look at it right away. Here are some of the benefits of Amazon Prime for the sellers to harness this Prime Day sale.

1. Get your Prime badge

Amazon Prime
The Prime badge gives you an edge over other sellers. The ‘prime’ advantage is the chances of increasing sales, which is the ultimate objective. Prime products have higher chances of visibility among the customers. In fact, most Prime customers only search for these products by switching on the prime filter. You may get more sales if people start noticing your products. So if you’re a Prime seller, imagine the number of searches and orders you may get.

As you enroll to be a Prime seller, you can deliver your orders in the fastest way possible. Isn’t that just wonderful? This is just what customers look for nowadays. And if you’re not providing that, you’re missing out on huge orders, as your potential buyers will go to other Prime sellers for this sale, just because you can’t deliver soon. Now you don’t want that, do you?

2. Access to deals & offers

Lightning Deals
Who doesn’t want early access to things they’ve been waiting for? Getting hands on discounts and deals before anyone, yes that’s lucrative. And that brings many prime customers to Prime Day sales. Amazon offers early access to special deals like Lightning Deals, Best Deals, Deals of the Day, etc. to Prime customers. Becoming a Prime seller makes you eligible to participate in such deals and get your products in front of the customers before other sellers. Join Amazon Prime and apply for these deals to potentially increase your business revenue.

3. Enhance customer experience

Consumer experience
Today, shopping is not just about selling products, it is about creating a complete shopping experience, both for your customers and you. Prime badge brings many services at your footstep to add that premium experience to your business.

Most of the customers being Prime members themselves, rely more on Prime products. Their loyalty is built on high product quality, good reviews, quick delivery options, etc. So if they find a product similar to yours during this sale, sold by a Prime seller, they may prefer buying that, even if you’ve got a better deal than the other seller.

Now we know how frustrating returns can get for sellers. Not only does it take back the sale, it increases the operational burden too. Return rates may increase during sales either due to damaged goods or people buying additional stuff and returning them later. But registering your products for Prime can reduce your returns. This is because of the reputation of the quality of Prime products’. This also impacts your product reviews, increasing positive feedback.

Upfront Payment
Mostly the Prime customers are experienced in online shopping, and so they prefer online payment. Your Cash on Deliveries (CODs) get reduced. Also, there are certain limitations to COD like amount limit, available only on limited items during the deals, unavailable in Containment Zones currently, etc. Online payment rules out all these inconveniences.

It’s simple math: more prime products, more chances of orders, lesser returns, more transfers to your account, more profitable business.

4. Reduced operational stress

Amazon FBA
Want to step up your game? Join FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). Prime with FBA is the perfect combination a seller could ask for. Registering for FBA gets you your Prime badge too. Now what FBA does is that it takes all the operational stress away from you - like storing your inventory, delivering orders, and managing inventory and returns.

So how does it help in your Prime sale? Becoming an Amazon FBA seller will unburden you from the operational hassles, so you can focus on providing the best deals and discounts to your customers. You can focus more on how your business is performing during the sale, and improve your deals, sponsored ads, product visibility, and customer experience.

Oh, and the FBA fee structure is quite flexible, so you pay only for the services you use. You can also try FBA for free for a limited time now!

We hope this helps you understand the benefits of Amazon Prime. If you think you can relate to Arun and are looking to utilize this sale period to its best advantage, then it’s the right time to be a Prime seller. Learn how to become a Prime seller and get registered now. Looking for some tips for Prime Day 2020? Find here. Get ready to make most out of Prime Day 2020.
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