Gear up for the Great Indian Festival 2020

Amazon Great Indian Festival
Sales multiplied 5X in the first 36 hours with more than 75% of the orders shipped within a day from FBA to more than 700 cities.”

- Priyanshu Jain from Alan Jones Clothing on the Great Indian Festival 2019
From this seller anecdote, you get an idea of how effective the sale periods are in India. The festive season, especially the Great Indian Festival is the harbinger of many opportunities for Amazon sellers. This is the time when you get a chance to grab more sales for your business and chances of growing your business to new heights.

You might think “How impactful the Festive sale can be for me?” Well, to answer your curiosity and help you understand its importance, here are some stats from the Great Indian Festival 2019:

1. 3X increase in sale from non-metro cities
2. Around 15,000 sellers witnessed a 2X growth in sales
3. Over 65,000 sellers from 500+ cities received orders in just 5 days
4. 1.5X increase in sales for newly launched sellers

You can be a part of these numbers too if you play your cards smartly. No seller should let this opportunity go in vain. You need to be prepared in advance to increase your chances of pocketing as much profit as possible. So how should you prepare for such a huge festive sale period?

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get Prime

Amazon Prime
If you ask any existing successful seller, what factors help them during the sale periods, their answer will most likely include Prime.

Fast delivery is the main deal for customers, especially during festivals. When their product reaches on time, they can actually use the product bought for the purpose. So list your products for Prime and make their festive season more special. Customers look more for Prime products during the sale as they offer unlimited free and faster deliveries. Hence, it’s an equal opportunity for both you and the customers, where they get on-time delivery and you potentially get more sales due to your Prime tag, increasing chances of generating more revenue.

Get your Prime tag by joining the FBA or Local Shops on Amazon program to potentially see a boost in your orders in the upcoming Great Indian Festival. Try FBA for free, and enjoy free storage, packing, and shipping for free for the first three months.

2. Inbounding

Amazon FBA Inbound
FBA Inbound Pickup Service offers a world-class transportation service for your order deliveries. Store your inventory in Amazon’s Fulfillment Center (FC) and offer a fast and premium delivery service. During sale periods, it can be stressful for you to manage inventory while sending out huge numbers of deliveries, that too on time. Inbound service makes sure you do not lose on any order or diminish your customer service quality due to the sale rush.

Storing your products to FCs closer to customers ensures faster delivery and enriches their experience, increasing chances of making them your loyal customers. So, send your products in Amazon FCs by 30th September and potentially gain additional sale orders during the festive period.

3. List more products

Amazon List your Products
Customer's needs keep changing with time and situation. For example, currently, masks, sanitizers, and work from home furniture are more in demand due to the pandemic. Sellers who already sell these products and those who included these items in their listing during this time are making a profit in their businesses. These requirements may also vary across different regions in the country. It’s a smart way to sell products to cater to the needs of your business regions.

Understanding the current demands and improving your business strategy and product listing is important to keep growing. The more in-demand products you include, the chances of your order numbers going higher will shoot up.

4. Competitive pricing

Amazon Shopper Competitive Pricing
The statistics above show that price remains the number one factor for customers for buying a product. This is where they decide to buy from one seller while rejecting all others. So, your pricing needs to be good enough to compete with the top sellers? How? By setting a pricing strategy. Your pricing should be low enough to undercut the competition, while still good enough to bring profit. You can use Amazon’s Automate Pricing tool to set competitive pricing. It continuously observes the price of your competitors and changes your pricing accordingly to attract customer attention to your product.

5. Delight customers with Coupons

Amazon Coupons
Well, it’s a no brainer - Sale periods are all about great deals. People wait for these events in excitement to buy their favourite products. They mostly look for products with coupons and deals offered. This is when you bring lucrative discounts into play to potentially bring more sales. Plan your deals and sales strategy ahead of time to gain maximum profit. Amazon has different types of offers for the customers. Create as many as you can to increase your chances of getting sales.

6. Get more visibility with sponsored products

Amazon Sponsored Products
Leave no stone unturned.
Advertise your products to reach out to maximum people. Create Sponsored Product Ads to get more exposure to your products. Sponsored Products are visible to people on the top search result pages and product pages to catch their attention. Reach out to them exactly when they’re looking for your product category to increase your chances of conversion. In fact, customers who discover your products during the sale can become repeat purchasers. If you already use Sponsored Products, you may consider increasing your budget during the festive time to cater to the increased demand.

All these steps can play a crucial role in boosting your business in the upcoming sale events. How many have you got covered? Don’t lose one of the biggest opportunities of the year to potentially bump up your sales. If you’re an existing seller, visit your seller central dashboard to know more about the recommendations on getting ready for the big sale event. If you’re a new seller, this is the perfect time to get some significant orders coming your way. Get moving fast and cover all your bases to be all prepped up for the Great Indian Festive Sale!
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