Business ideas for fabric manufacturers in India

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 23/02/2018
India is the second largest producer of fibre in the world*. The variety of fibres produced are cotton, silk, wool, jute and many more. It is no wonder that the textile industry is a major player in terms of drawing in the country’s revenue. However, this industry is not just restricted to manufacturing cloth, there are many business ideas that fabric manufacturers in India can explore. Mentioned below are a few of them:
Product ideas for fabric manufacturers to sell on Amazon


The easiest and the most obvious option available to most cloth manufacturers is Apparel. There are many different types of clothing you can make, from ethnic to western wear for men, women and children. Undergarments and lingerie are also categories one could explore as they have a good market value.

Cloth bags

Cloth bags are not just ecological, but are also considered to be stylish accessories. Handbags made of cloth are becoming extremely popular among ladies and college students alike. Additionally, with increase in awareness about the harmful effects of plastic and non-sustainable nature of paper bags, cloth shopping bags have become the next big thing in almost all supermarkets and shopping malls. A fabric manufacturer could cash in on this opportunity by manufacturing simple yet sturdy bags.


One of the main raw material in handicrafts is cloth. From stuffed dolls to local handicrafts, cloth is used in a lot of art. These are popular amongst customers all across the country, and a handicraft seller can register to be a part of Amazon Karigar to find such buyers. Some examples of handicraft using cloth are, gota jewellery, Rajasthani puppet dolls and much more. This business can be easily set up as a small-scale handicraft model because handicrafts are always in demand.

Home décor

Curtains, bedsheets, cushion covers, blankets are all home décor items that are used in every household. Fabric is used in making carpets and upholsteries as well. In addition to this, cleaning products like micro-fibre cloth, kitchen towels, mats and few other everyday items are also made of cloth. Hence, the opportunities for fabric manufacturers in this domain are numerous.

Cloth pads

There is an upsurge in menstrual awareness in India over the past few years. Sanitary napkins and tampons pose an ecological threat. Since the sanitary pads are made of about 90% plastic, it is non-decomposable. The sanitary waste that is produced across the globe is increasing every year. Cloth pads are becoming popular among ecologically aware women and more of them want to use cloth pads. Manufacturing sanitary cloth pads may not only make you money, but also reduce the stress on the environment.

As you see, fabric manufacturers in India can create a sustainable business in myriad ways. Once the end product is made, all you have to do is get them to the right audience. Amazon provides that platform to sellers across the globe. Are you wondering how? Just register yourself as a seller and list your products. Crores of customers shop at Amazon everyday - this might give your business a financial boost.

Source: Textile industry in India – Wikipedia.
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