TiedRibbons enables local artisans to sell across India | TiedRibbons स्थानीय कारीगरों को भारत भर में बेचने में बना सक्षम

By enabling local artisans all across India TiedRibbons from NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh aims to revive the dying Indian handicrafts business and help local artisans to grow their business through Amazon Karigar.

A few years ago Aditya's father's resin business in Meerut was on the verge of closing down. It was then, TiedRibbons found Aditya by a fluke via Yellow Pages. They collaborated and Aditya saw his life-changing drastically post then. From a mere 5-6 lakhs a year to 50-60 lakhs a year, Aditya is not only employing to more than 20 artisans but is also helping revive the dying art of these artisans.

Devendra Kumar's life came to a standstill when he met an accident and lost his legs. TiedRibbons got to know about Devendra's expertise in carpentry via a friend. Since then, his life has changed completely. From earning 50K in a year to 20 lakhs now, Devendra emphatically says, "I have forgotten the bad phase of my life now."

Devendra (Carpenter): Where do I begin? My legs are crippled, but I still earn 15 to 20 lakhs every year.

Aditya (Artisan): When we were selling our goods at exhibitions, Papa and I had to face many difficulties. But now I can sell my goods all over India from home itself.

Priya (Co-founder, TiedRibbons): An assortment of more than 20,000 gifts and home decor products on Amazon. But Tied Ribbons isn’t just that. Tied Ribbons is about human stories. Stories of human success, stories of human dreams and aspirations.

Aditya (Artisan): Before Tied Ribbons, we were dependent on wholesalers and retail shopkeepers. We never knew when an order would come in, when it wouldn’t come in. There were a lot of problems because of that. Offline was seasonal. We used to sit idle for 2-3 months. With some effort, we managed to earn 4-5 lakhs.

Priya (Co-founder, TiedRibbons): We are in Meerut, and this is where the process of moulding, casting and finishing the product takes place. As you can see here this is the colouring of the products. These artisans are colouring the products. Of course, we could have done this at a much faster pace by procuring it from China. But getting it done here is our effort to revive the lost Indian heritage.

Devendra (Carpenter): After getting injured, before I met Tied Ribbon, times were rough. I used to take whatever jobs came by just to survive. Sometimes it would be 100 rupees, sometimes 200. Sometimes there would be nothing. I did whatever I could at that time.

Priya (Co-founder, TiedRibbons): We promote women in our workplace, and as Tied Ribbons policy, we save a part of their salaries, which is necessarily put into their child’s education.
Indians are actually very good at handicrafts. Let us not let this skill of ours, you know, let us not let it be buried.
Let us revive it and let the world know that, yes, we are good at it.
Through Amazon Karigar, we support Indian artisans making handicrafts and handlooms in various ways in launching and scaling their businesses on Amazon.

Priya Tyagi: TiedRibbons

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