Dheepakh Rajaram from Chennai, finds online success by selling dog food on Amazon

Inspired by his pets, Dheepakh Rajaram started his own dog food brand called 'Goodness' and found success by selling it online at Amazon.

Dheepakh Rajaram from Chennai sells dog food on Amazon under his brand name 'Goodness'. He has always been an avid dog-lover and owns two Labradors named Elsa and Velvet. He noticed that these dogs developed a lot of allergies because of the food he fed them. Upon researching, he found out that the dog food available in India was not the best. He contacted manufacturers who produce dog food according to the dogs dietary requirements and that's how his brand 'Goodness' was formed.

After the launch of his brand, offline retail did not work for his business as people did not want to work with an unknown brand. That's when Dheepakh listed his products on Amazon. His sales picked up and within months he made a monthly revenue of 5 lakhs. He has had a 200% revenue growth on Amazon. He is happy that many pet lovers have experienced 'Goodness' through Amazon.

People can be good, sometimes bad. But dogs, dogs can only be good! That’s why they say all dogs go to heaven.

My name is Deepak Rajaram. I’m the founder of ‘Goodness’ pet food. A family wise company, where we are committed to fresh and natural ingredients for dogs.

When I was a child, I had this dog named ‘Fluffy’. She was a white German Shepard. I lost this dog when I was 11 years old.

Four years ago, I wanted to reconnect this relationship with a dog and that’s when Elsa and Velvet came into my life!

I started loving them, taking care of them and feeding them. That’s when I found out that a lot of things are missing from dog food. Because they started developing a lot of allergies towards this.

After a long research I found out that what I was giving my dog was not the best food for them. And that’s when this urging feeling created a passion into myself and I contacted a lot of manufacturers in the world. One of them started supplying to me a superb product full of goodness in it. That’s when I launched ‘Goodness’.

After we launched ‘Goodness’, the retail part was not working for us because there is a lot of lack of nutrition awareness in India. Many retailers didn’t want to work with a new brand, so we had listed our products on Amazon, because Amazon is a globally known platform.

In the first month, it gave me a revue of just 10,000 rupees, but it made me smile. And I was very happy about that, what Amazon did for me. Just within two and a half years, my sales go increased to 5 lakhs and in the past seven months, my sales got increased by 200 percent.

Throughout this journey, there was one person who stood by my side and that was my wife.

Swapna (Wife):
I’ve known him for the past 12 years and we’ve been married for the past 6 years. And now we have three kids, my son Rushal, and two more kids who are Elsa and Velvet. Now I’ve become a part of this business and taking care of the order management, jobs and FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).

And also we are on Prime, so that we can reach our customers as fast as we can.
‘Goodness’ never compromises on quality and nutrition, and I’m just glad that thousands of dog lovers have experienced goodness through Amazon.
Dheepakh Rajaram
Goodness Pet Food

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