Prachi finds success by selling jewellery online from Pune

Prachi Patwardhan, a seller from Pune finds the perfect work-life balance by selling jewellery on Amazon.

Prachi Patwardhan is a seller on Amazon and a mother to 9-year-old Aarav. When she was working for a corporate copany, she found that she was unable to spend enough time with her son. She looked for alternate career options and upon her husband's suggestion became an online seller at Amazon.

She liked jewellery and is based out of Pune, Maharashtra. So, she decided to sell traditional jewellery online. She chose Indian jewellery like nath and mangalsutras which were very typical of Maharashtra. She made a revenue of over 40 lakhs in 2017 alone. Amazon seller central and Seller App have helped her run her business from anywhere. Now, she can spend time with her son, who is taking part in the National-level Ice Skating Competition. All this was made possible because she became a seller on Amazon.

Prachi: Hi, I am Prachi Patwardhan. I sell Indian jewellery on Amazon, under the brand Girlz.
So after working for about ten years in the corporate industry, I felt that I was focusing too much on my career and now I should be giving more time to my kid for his studies, as well as his extra-curricular activities.
I started feeling a little guilty about it.
So that's when I quit my job and started looking out for some part time options.

But it was really meaningless, I couldn't find any other option. I decided at that time to start something on my own.

My husband suggested going into the online e-commerce business.

I always loved Indian jewellery, being born and brought up in Maharashtra. So, I decided to choose jewellery as the category for my online business

The thing with Amazon is that, from day one you become a national player. I’m getting orders from states like Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and all across India.

I started this business in 2014, in Bangalore with just 50 products and now I have reached 1,500 products on Amazon. So almost 70% of the revenue is coming through Amazon

This year itself we have made a revenue of 40 Lakhs.

Right now I have 3 girls in my team.

Abhilasha: My work here is to take printouts, packaging and uploading new products. I did not know anything about e-commerce earlier. But, now I feel like even I should start something on Amazon.

Prachi: Amazon’s Seller Central is very user friendly, when compared to other market places, for order processing, as well as for uploading the new products.

Whenever I am out for a vacation with my family, I can enjoy the vacation, I can play with my son Aarav, at the same time I can work using the Seller Central App.
Being an Amazon seller I can focus more on Aarav's studies, as well as help him pursue his love and liking towards Ice Skating.

Next month he will be going for the Ice Skating Nationals, and I can go with him, I can support him I can cheer for him. All this would not be possible if I was still at my corporate job.

So I am very happy that Amazon has given me the flexibility to be closer to my family.
Prachi Patwardhan

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