“Zero to Hero’’, Jitendra talks about how he found success by selling online

The journey of Dragon Deals is nothing short of an inspiration to never give up and ultimately achieve your dreams.

Jitendra has steered his way around multiple obstacles to establish Dragon Deals and bring it where it is today. His journey is remarkable and entails the story of a person who never gave up despite challenges. He tried different things before he finally gave his dream of online selling a shot. He started with Amazon and is now watching his business grow leaps and bounds with customers all over the country.

''My name is Jitendra Rawal from Dragon Deals. While I was studying, I used to work as a manager at a Cyber Café. From there I learned about the internet and the computers. That is when I developed an interest towards the internet. Due to financial and family obligations, I had to start working and got a job early in life. During that time, it got tough to manage family expenses. Therefore, I decided to save up some money and moved to Ahmedabad.

Over here, I started my own shirt manufacturing business. In the beginning, it was good, I was getting good clients. I was making good sales and even the production was going good. Slowly I realized that this was a credit-based business. Payments had stopped coming and I was completely finished. Absolutely finished. That is when I read in the newspapers that E-commerce was booming in India. There is a bright future in the E-commerce business. I also came across in the newspaper that Amazon was on-boarding sellers and manufacturers were selling online directly. Therefore, I thought I should do this as well and registered myself. I thought that I should sell something that is not hard for me to sell on Amazon. I noticed that women’s leggings was a trending product that sold well, so I went to the market, met some manufacturers, and requested them to let me sell their leggings online. Daily, whatever orders I would receive, I would travel all the way on my bike to the market, collect the products, and then send them to the customer. I started this from my one room house. Slowly I started to get more support from Amazon. The account managers helped me immensely. They told me about listing enhancements and taught me how to grow my business. I realised that sourcing from the market and selling it was turning out to be more expensive. Costing was too much. So I thought, why not set up my own manufacturing unit. I decided to collaborate with my sourcing partner and become a manufacturing partner with him. Now my costing reduced so I was able to sell by products for a competitive price because of which my sale increased.

This is when I identified the opportunity to expand into other categories that would help me grow my business. There are varieties of products from different categories easily available over here. I thought I should make use of the opportunity of being in Ahmedabad and use it to my advantage. Many people got in touch with me to learn how to sell online. Within one year of my journey with Amazon, I have been able to teach and guide a minimum of 6 new sellers and on-boarded them to sell online. Today, they are doing really well and are quite successful. My journey with Amazon has been wonderful and thrilling. Amazon has changed my life. Jitu turned from zero to hero.''
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