From a humble home in Periyakulam, Rani runs a thriving business

Living in a small town did not limit Rani's ambition, as she used Amazon selling to start a business in Theni

Periyakulam, a small little town in the district of Theni in Tamil Nadu. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Kodai hills nothing much happens apart from some great coffee, good old tamil movies and kids playing road side cricket. But even in this little corner of India, we found the story of one seller, worth telling the nation.

Meet Rani.
An enterprising home maker, who found success through Amazon by selling cotton pillows and wooden toys.

Rani: In the back of my head I always thought to myself, saying I want to do something,
I want to achieve something, I want to be a role model for my children.
That is when my friend, who is also a relative of mine told me all about e-commerce.

And so began Rani's venture into e-commerce Setting up a successful business with no prior experience, money or funds, operating from on e small room, which she had to convince her mother-in-law and husband to allow her to use.

Rani: When my first order came in, I did not even know how to deliver it. Now sending my goods to FBA in Coimbatore is very easy for me. I just create the shipment, load my goods on to a lorry, and send my employee along to go deliver it. If I were to only sell offline, buyers would come only from in and around Periyakulam. But because I sell online, I get buyers from even Kashmir to buy my goods.
Today, I get at least 1500 orders per month and I am satisfied with that.

Kannan: As far as I know, Rani madam is the only one who sells on Amazon, in the entire Theni locality.

Rani: It was always in the corner of my mind, that i should support my mother. Now she is very proud of me.

Rani's mother: Rani was always my favorite. I'm very happy Rani started her business. She started so small, now she’s doing so good, everything has worked out and her business is doing very well.
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