Life transformations on Amazon in 2017

According to a recent report published by a leading daily, 2017 was the year of ecommerce expansion. The online retail industry witnessed a 23%* rise in it's total revenue, making India one of the largest and fastest countries to adapt to the online shopping lifestyle.

Today, we are here to celebrate the lives that made this rise in revenue a reality. We are here to tell you about the stories and the lives that the ecommerce industry was able to uplift, the mother who could keep up with an independent lifestyle and the daughter who could provide financial support to her mother and every other emotion that makes ecommerce selling a contributer towards providing equal oppurtunities.
"Only mothers who had left their well paying jobs to take care of kids will know the pain of losing careers and dreams. I wanted to be independant after my second child, but didn't want to get back to the same job. And, I was in a fix of starting a company with zero experience and didn't know if my products would be loved by customers; within a month, Amazon gave me hope. The highest motivation and inspiration I needed for the time, was provided by Amazon. It introduced our products all over India.
Thank you Amazon!

PS : I sell baby products and don't think I earn in lakhs now. We are just 6 months in Amazon, and doing decent sales. Want to reach great heights in 2018. ''

Ayshwarya Prabhuram, The Great Banyan
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
"I just started with a meagre amount of 2000. No knowledge of computers. Never knew how to upload inventory. Tried 4 months to upload 6 products. No sales for the initial 6 months.
From April 2017 my sales started increasing. I am a housewife, and live in a village. Now, I do wonders. In fact my relatives started looking up at me astonishingly. My mantra is Try Try till you succeed. Once you take the first step, never look back, and learn from the mistakes. Now I am able to help my mother financially as that was my aim.
Thank you Amazon.''

Rani Ravindran, Ravindran Silk Cotton
Periyankulam, Tamil Nadu
"I am really thankful to the Amazon team. Last year, I started selling with Amazon and it was great. I was a very small vendor who used to rent out party costumes. As you know in our country it's known to be a very small work (renting ka kaam hai).

Some schools and some individuals would take the dresses on rent and when they brought those dresses back it was nauseating. The schools would not give payments after their annual functions. Even the teachers would throw tantrums. So, one day I decided to sell on amazon.

I just had 10 thousand rupees with which I bought some stuff and started selling on Amazon. When I got my first order I was very happy. Slowly more orders started coming but returns were also there, so my husband told me to leave this buisness. But I was adamant, I pursued it, even though it was very difficult. I continued until one day I got to know about FBA.

I signed up with them and started doing buisness using the FBA service. It gave me a huge jump in revenue from the ten thousand. The sales jumped to one lakh and then it started increasing step by step.Then there was no looking back. In October we had a sale of rupees 9 lakhs. I am really thankful to Amazon. Now my husband also feels proud of my business. With this buisness I am able to pay for the EMI of my home loan as well as the fees of my son. My home is now in one of the posh appartment in Noida, and my son is studying in Pathways Noida. The whole credit goes to Amazon India. I am really thankful to them for making me a king from a beggar. Today, in my family home everyone feels proud. Once again, I am really thankful to Amazon India .''

Noida, New Delhi

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