Housewife, mother and now a successful business woman

By Selling on Amazon, Priya didn’t have to choose between family & work.

Priya’s desire to build a career of her own was the driving force behind Super India Emporium. She wanted to make use of her time and energy, but there weren’t too many business opportunities in Panipat that appealed to her. Also, the responsibilities of being a housewife and young mother meant she could not spend too many hours away from home. With constant support from her family and husband, she decided to start selling online on Amazon. Ever since, she hasn’t looked back and is now a ssuccessful business woman.

'My name is Priya and I used to live in Delhi with my grandparents. My father had passed away so my mother left me to stay with my grandparents. I did my schooling and college from Delhi. Post College I did a course in Naturopathy and Ayurveda. Eventually my mother brought me back to Panipat. Once I was in Panipat, I did not receive great response for Naturopathy or Ayurveda. Soon after that, I got married and was pregnant with my baby. My in laws insisted that I don’t look for a job since I was becoming a mother and they didn’t want me to work while I was carrying. However, I couldn’t sit idle, I had to do something. I needed to work for my own satisfaction. My husband was also supportive and suggested that I start an online business. I first started selling on Amazon and took my products live. I had listed a number of products on Amazon but didn’t expect a huge sale. However, that was a festive month, during Diwali, so I could sell many products. At that time I didn’t have many people helping me, it was just between my husband and I. We would pack the products ourselves until late into the night and sometimes until early morning.

Amazon always insisted that I if I continue to sell good products and get good reviews, my products will organically show up on top in the search results and I would get a good amount of sale. Moreover, this was something I had witnessed myself. My products had received excellent feedback and buyers really like them. My products are now on top of the search results on the front page. This is happening on its own and helping my sales grow.

You can look around, this is my house and I have filled this entire space with all the products. I don’t mind it at all. Over here I can freely work till late into the night without worrying about going home early or being concerned about my safety. With online selling you are not forced to take up a factory or work from a specific shop. Any woman can set up this business from the comfort of their home.

I receive orders from Bangalore, Orissa, Karnataka etc etc. The best thing about this is that my money is safe. I can regularly check the number of sales I make and receive the correct amount of money we are told we would receive. Now has approached us as they feel our products are doing really well on the marketplace. I am able to do some incredible work with Amazon today. I am able to make a monthly sale of around 50 lakhs. It is going really well. So much that I could have never imagined, a girl staying at home, managing the household chores, managing a young baby, handling a business of my own and earning so well could ever be possible. So, I am really happy with Amazon.''

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