A story of hard work and passion to succeed

Ranu becomes a successful entrepreneur without an investment

Watch Ranu’s remarkable story of being a successful entrepreneur all by herself. She chose to utilize her time before she started working and decided to sell online. She will tell you why that was the best decision of her life and how it transformed her.

"I completed my MBA last year and got a job with a pharmaceutical company as a Business Development Executive. However, until I found a job I felt extremely frustrated and started looking for an offline data entry job. While searching I found an ecommerce portal for online selling.

That is how I was introduced to the idea of selling online. I chose to sell mobile accessories because these days mobiles phones are a craze. There was no investment required or the pressure of borrowing money from my parents and burdening them to start an online business. So, no investment, no technical knowledge, no employees, why not start the business already? I opened the amazon.in website and on top I saw the ‘’Sell on Amazon’’ link. I clicked on the link and a one-page form opened up that I could fill within two minutes. It was very easy. Amazon.in guided me throughout on how to name and list your products so that it easily shows up to the buyers through the search engine. I noticed that my products were selling well and that is a good thing. I went ahead and calculated my monthly income incurred from Amazon, when added to the money I earned as salary, the total sum turned out to be a huge amount. This will help my family a lot. Now I am at the development stage of my FBA program so I can better my business.

I am so happy working with the Amazon team, that in the future I would like to add more products as a seller and help my parents and sister benefit from the revenue."

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