'All for his sisters' - 20-year-old shines as an entrepreneur

At the age of 19, Ravi dreamt of a day when he could gift his sisters something special for Raksha Bandhan. With the help of his sisters, today, he runs his owns business on Amazon.

Ravi wanted to do something for his sisters and that's how he combined his sister's skills and his own ambition to become a successful entrepreneur. Hailing from Surat, Gujarat, he sells kurtis, sarees, lehenga cholis in women's ethnic clothing wear and accessories category, with a turnover of more than 78 lakhs per month.

Ravi: My name is Ravi Donga. I am from Surat, Gujarat. I am 20 years old. I wanted to do something to make my sisters feel that they have a brother. I wanted to give them a nice Rakhi gift. I researched day and night online. I had to earn something, somehow online. That's when I learnt about Amazon's success stories. I realised something could be done via Amazon. That's when I thought about activating an Amazon account.

All of my sisters, each one of them, do the same work. They make kurtis, sarees, lehenga cholis and capris. Whatever you want, they can make it. That's when I tried and moved into women's ethnic clothing wear and accessories.

My sisters, Daya and Gulab, together made the first kurti for me to sell on Amazon.

Daya: When orders come from Amazon, I feel good, but not for myself I feel good because it means my brother is succeeding (laughs)

Ravi: I started my business on Amazon with just one design and now I have a total of 1453 unique designs. For the work that started after December, I had over 78 lakh per month turnover. I have a manufacturing unit. There are a total of 35 workers employed.

Daya: Earlier my brother used to give Rs 50 as a gift on Raksha Bandhan. And I never used to take it from my little brother. I didn’t want it. (breaks down)

Ravi: Last Rakhi, I gifted all of my eight sisters one thousand rupees of my own money. Where earlier they would refuse 50 rupees from me, I could now gift them thousand rupees of my own money which is a very big deal for me

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