Why is selling on Amazon your best work from home business opportunity?

Work from home business opportunities
The Internet is changing the face of work culture. And that involves encouraging work from home as the new flexible way of working. Most people, especially the youth, favor working from home, given a choice. And why not. Who does not want to work at the luxury of their comfort zone, spending more time with family, beating the traffic, and saving money on travel?

The online world has also made it possible to run a business while sitting at home. Today, crores of Indians use the internet to build a career from home. From housewives, college students, budding entrepreneurs to seasoned businessmen, everybody is exploring the opportunity of doing business online.

So how does selling on Amazon make this experience even better? Let’s find out ourselves.

1. Wide Reach

As a business owner, you’d want your product to sell everywhere, not only in every corner of India but also in international markets and in huge quantities. Starting Amazon home business gives you crores of existing customers who buy from Amazon every day so you do not have to worry about looking for customers. To give you an idea, in September 2019, approximately 15 crore mobile users came to the Amazon app for shopping. This shows the sizable number of buyers and the scale your business will reach through Amazon’s home business opportunity.
Wide Reach

2. Capitalizing on your hobbies and interests

The most beautiful thing about Amazon home business is that you get a chance to make money out of your interests and skills. If you master the skills like making decorative arts, beautiful apparel, home products, customized products, manufacturing electrical products, or anything that you like, you can start putting them to use. Amazon welcomes your passion to create and offers you a platform to make the most out of it.
Capitalizing on your hobbies and interests

3. Easy Shipping

Managing a business from home means taking care of multiple logistics. These logistics (especially delivering your products to buyers) take a major chunk of the seller’s time and effort. Amazon takes away this hassle by providing FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon service. All you need to do is make an amazing product, package it well, and send the products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers for storage. Next up, as you receive an order, Amazon ensures its end to end delivery to the buyer.
Easy Shipping

4. On-time Payments

The biggest concern for any person running a work from home business is getting payments on time. Amazon understands the importance of cash flow for the sellers and therefore, ensures that their payments are always delivered on time. You do not have to worry or regularly follow up on payments. The amount of money you make will be clearly shown to you on the seller central account. And the payment method is also completely transparent as it shows you every amount charged upfront and the net take-home amount.
On-time Payments

5. Customer Interaction

Amazon brings the opportunity of interacting with the buyers by allowing them to provide feedback and review channels for the products. This can be a setback in running a business from home, unlike any local store where the seller gets feedback upfront, giving them a chance to improve. But with the online feedback and review system in place, you can talk to your buyers then and there. It helps in understanding what they like and don’t like and reassuring them how you can fix the issue. This is a major step for becoming a brand from a seller.
Customer Interaction

6. Becoming a Brand

The brand Amazon helps you in creating a distinct brand of your own. Buyers trust the Amazon brand name and eventually start to trust your products. Around 89% of buyers prefer buying from Amazon than any other e-commerce website. This is why some sellers proudly display the badge “We Sell on Amazon” on their social media pages. Becoming a brand on Amazon kicks off your online business as you start getting more repeated buyers through loyalty and new buyers through word of mouth and product publicity.
Becoming a Brand

Can I sell on Amazon from home?

If you are still having this question like many others, then let us tell you that currently, there are 5,00,000 sellers on Amazon India, owning small and medium businesses. At least 65% of these sellers are now earning in crores with the help of Amazon. So anyone can grab the home business opportunities with Amazon India.

Amazon aims at helping you run your home business by providing a host of services and a chance to earn profits while sitting at home. All these sellers benefiting from Amazon selling means it can definitely be considered as one of the easiest and affordable work at home business opportunities. Check out some more benefits of selling on Amazon. So it’s time for you to register in a few clicks and grab on the home business opportunity today.
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