What are keywords and why they are important for your online business

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 06/09/2017
What are keywords and why they are important for your online business
With more and more people taking their business online, there is a lot of competition for your products. Hence, it becomes important for you to make your products available to customers over search engines. This can be done through keyword analysis and update.

What are keywords?

A keyword is a specific phrase or sentence that customers type into the search engine to look up products, services or information. By including keywords in your product descriptions and titles, you will be able to optimise your content for search engines to find your products. A lot of online tools will help you understand what keywords to use for your products. Additionally, they will also help you with the ranking or position of the keywords and their search volume. Ranking of a keyword is the number at which it shows up on search engine, volume is a rough estimate of how many people are searching for these keywords.

Why are keywords important?

Accessibility to your products: When a customer wants to buy a product online, more often than not, they type the name of the product or category into a search engine. These search engines then lead them to a website where the product is sold. Keywords help search engines in locating your products, thus giving them more visibility.

Drive web traffic to the website/your product: When the ranking of your keywords is good, and your products are found on the search engines, it invariably leads to more online traffic to your product page/website. Higher traffic would mean a better possibility of sales.

Where to use keywords?

Title of the page

Product Description

Meta Description

Image tags

Keywords are a major part of any online business, and using them right can make or break your business. But, keyword analysis is not a one-time job. You need to consistently update keywords on a regular basis for your product ranking to improve. It is obvious that driving online traffic to your website or product page may improve your chances of making a sale, but managing entire SEO content can get tedious and is a time consuming process.

Of course, if you sell on an already established marketplace like Amazon, driving traffic will not be your main concern. Amazon has a large and loyal customer base who visit the site regularly. So all you have to do is register as a seller on Amazon and list your products by including keywords and the rest will be taken care of.
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