Introducing What’s Hot on Amazon

Advancing one step ahead towards helping sellers with their selling experience and expanding their business, Amazon has launched a new program What’s Hot on Amazon. This video series offers predictions on in-demand products for sellers that can potentially prove to be beneficial. Dive in to know more about it.
Amazon keeps exploring new ways to make online selling easier for sellers, be it helping them start their business or bring new growth ideas. And to do this, the team constantly keeps researching and understanding how the platform is working for sellers and how it can be improved.

During one research, it came to light that when it comes to product categories and deciding what to sell, sellers mistakenly assume that only some selected categories perform best on Also, by understanding the Voice of Seller, it was clear that sellers need help in knowing what to sell.

So the next obvious questions for Amazon was “Why not clear their confusion? Why not bring these products to sellers instead of them going through all the hassles of finding such categories?” And thus, the program ‘What’s Hot on Amazon’ was created. So let’s see what this program is all about.

What is What’s Hot on Amazon?

What’s Hot on Amazon (or WHOA) is essentially a video series that forecasts which products can be in demand across multiple categories. Each video contains a list of suggested products that could be trending or in-demand in the coming months. These predictions may help you know more about these products and you can add them to your listing to increase profits and revenue.

The forecasts in these videos are based on various factors like seasonality, a new trending event or trending topics that sellers can benefit from, upcoming Amazon events, and increased consumer demands. For example, during the COVID-19 lockdown, essentials like sanitizers, masks, groceries, etc. were in demand. So What’s Hot on Amazon finds such upcoming opportunities for your business and suggests relevant products to sell.

How do the videos help sellers?

What’s Hot On Amazon looks at all the possible opportunities for you to build and upgrade your product listing. The videos bring a forward-looking forecast well beforehand so you can take actions on time to leverage any upcoming event, making this program truly useful and actionable.

The video series touches on various points to bring more ease to Amazon selling:

- It helps boost the selling process and expands your product listing by offering possible profitable recommendations
- It highlights the in-demand products which can help you explore the possible new areas of business opportunities
- It offers a constant forecast by featuring various products to keep you constantly updated about the marketplace
- It wishes to make Amazon a true partner to all businesses by providing customer insights and market trends that can help understand demands and grow business
- It aims to make Amazon the easiest online selling platform for both existing and the new sellers

This video series can be beneficial for you if you’re:
- A new seller looking to start an online business
- An existing seller confused about what to sell on Amazon
- Looking for new products for your listing
- Searching for new ways to expand your business

When & where to watch it?
The episodes of the video series are launched bimonthly. New videos will be released on the 1st and 15th of every month.

You can watch these videos on Amazon’s Instagram page sellersofamazon, Facebook group Sell on Amazon, as well as on the Youtube channel Sell on Amazon India. You also get notified about the new videos through emails and regular seller communication, including Sell On Amazon website, blogs, on Seller Central dashboard, etc.

The first four videos are already out. Check out the Launch Video, Work From Home special, Home, Personal care and Gifting, and Health and Fitness right now which have got quite a positive response from the seller community so far.

So what are you waiting for? Join, leverage this beneficial service, and grow your business in no time.
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