What to sell online? Sell Ayurvedic products online

by Souvik on 25/02/2018
Thanks to the internet, starting a business and running it successfully is now easier and simpler than ever before. You get to offer your products to a global audience without having to go through a long list of legal formalities. The main points that you need to note before starting any business are:

Know what you want to sell.

Identify your target customer base.

Have a user-friendly and attractive product listing.

Know your competitors well.

Choose the best-suited pricing strategy.

Have a well-planned marketing strategy.

What to sell online?

Modern society is now more inclined towards using organic and natural products instead of their artificial alternatives. This is why selling Ayurvedic products online can be a profitable idea in this regard. There is a steady demand for side-effect-free products in almost all parts of the world. All you need to do is to have a strategy to make the most out of it. Check out Venkatesh’s success story to know how Amazon helped him setup his online Ayurvedic business.

How to identify your target audience?

Create a few buyer personas to give your entire team a feel of your target audience. Focus on personal and professional details such as age, location, gender, daily routine, job, likes, and dislikes. You need to understand your prospective customers as much as possible to be able to develop an impactful marketing strategy.

How to design your website?

Your website holds the key to the digital identity of your brand. Your customers might judge your brand and offerings depending on the look and feel of your website. Try to make your site as much user-friendly and attractive as possible. Showcase your best offers prominently on your homepage for maximum impact.

Why is competitor analysis important?

Competitor analysis is one of the most important things to do when it comes to running a business. Know what your competitors are doing and try to identify the things that you can incorporate in your strategy. In-depth competitor analysis will allow you to take well-informed marketing decisions.

Why is pricing strategy important?

For most customers, product price, and brand name are the features that matter most. The profit margin, market penetration, sales volume, and overall revenue are all dependent on pricing in some way or the other. Over pricing can drive customers away from your brand. However, underpricing can affect your overall revenue. It is that fine line in between that you will need to maintain for best results.

How to plan your marketing strategy?

Your marketing strategy starts with finalising the name of your brand. A trendy name that describes your business may be an ideal one to go for. Promote your brand on social media platforms where your target customers are most likely to be active on. Introduce your products smartly highlighting the benefits. As a new business owner, creating the right buzz is likely to take some time and effort.

The alternate route

If you wish to avoid the associated hardships of brand and product promotion, you can always choose to partner with credible market places such as Amazon. As a registered seller, you will be advised and helped by experts of Amazon at every stage of marketing and promotion. Add to that access to fast shipping, secure payments, and a crore-strong base of customers, you have the best place to launch your products.
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