Warehouse inventory management: Your trusted gateway to customer delight

by Pinaz on 09/11/2017
Warehouse inventory management
Companies today, work with multiple vendors to fulfil certain processes like logistics, delivery and customer service. As e-Commerce multiplies selling opportunities, it becomes critical for companies to offer great customer experience along with a stellar product or service. This includes timely deliveries and order fulfilment. Therefore, as brands desperately try to outdo each other in the battle for market share, warehouse inventory management becomes a key requirement. It allows businesses to fulfil online orders with well-maintained products and inventories.
Warehouse inventory management such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is vital to any product or service sector enables sellers to accommodate ever-changing customer demands by offering comprehensive warehouse inventory solutions. It also helps eliminate the mentality of limited production. Right from stocking and warehousing, to the supplying, packaging, deliveries and returns, it plays a key role in increasing operational efficiency.

Running a warehouse is no easy task and involves organization, large costs, maintenance, and constant vigilance for inventory management, staff training, sorting, labelling and more. It can be expensive and overwhelming for retailers and often proves to be deterrent given the resources required.

But sellers need not fret just yet. Amazon offers complete, end-to-end warehouse inventory management solutions now with our FBA program. Here is how it can be your logistics genie and fulfil all your expectations. FBA provides:

A centralised and robust system that takes charge of all your requirements around storage, pick-ups, packaging, shipping and returns, and more. So you can scale your reach and grow on your business

A comprehensive inventory dashboard helps drive stock and inventory visibility and efficiency with key actionable insights

Complete responsibility of reimbursing sellers in case of damage and loss

Simple, highly secure systems to process orders in time, helping you delight customers

Flexible pay-as-you-go rates, with no minimum list of products needed, ideal for small businesses.

Finally, with scores of customers trusting Amazon, associating with their warehouse inventory management solution can benefit your brand value.

Don’t let your growing business become a logistical nightmare. Unlock the key to saving time, cost and resources efficiently with Amazon’s FBA. All you need to do is:

Start with becoming a seller on Amazon to be eligible for Amazon’s FBA program.

Once accepted, register at the nearest state-of-the-art Amazon fulfilment centre, list your products and schedule a pick-up or send them to storage.

Once you receive an order, Amazon organises the pick-up, packaging, and delivery to your customer.

Up your game in a competitive marketplace by streamlining logistics, and deliver a positive customer experience. Focus on your key business goals and be the preferred choice by using comprehensive warehouse inventory management. It all starts with a simple registration as a seller on Amazon.
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