A step-by-step guide to the VAT Registration Process

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by Arshiya Dey on 07/04/2017
Online selling, like any other business in India, requires you to share a few tax related documents, Value Added Tax (VAT) being one of them. Through this post we will briefly help you to apply for and receive your VAT number as quickly as possible.

Let us first understand, why do you need VAT? And if or whether you need a VAT number at all? VAT is a form of tax levied by State Governments on all the value added benefits to a product before it reaches the final customers. Sellers selling taxable goods on Amazon.in are required to provide their VAT number before listing their goods on Amazon.in. Usually, sellers of books and fabric or textiles (unstitched cloth) can list their goods without a VAT number. The rules of registration, the applicable VAT rates and VAT exemptions, differ from state to state and sometimes, even sellers selling books might be required to register for VAT and provide their VAT number.

VAT registration is mandatory for intra-state movement of goods because of sale or stock transfer. As mentioned earlier, the need for a VAT number and the registration process varies from state to state. However, below mentioned are a few common steps applicable across all states that will help you apply for a VAT number before you can set up your online business.

Follow these steps if you want apply for VAT registration number online:

Log on to your state’s VAT website and click on the registration tab.

Add information and attach documents (an indicative list of documents is mentioned below for reference. However, actual documents may vary from state to state).

You might be allocated a temporary VAT registration number once you pay the application fees.

Once the verification of your documents is done, you will be allocated your permanent VAT registration number.

You can also check your VAT status online, if enabled by the relevant State Government.

To apply for a VAT registration number offline, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Find local VAT office of the State Government in your city.

Carry along all the necessary documents (an indicative list of documents is mentioned below for reference. However, the actual documents may vary from state to state).

The local VAT office will inspect your premise and conduct a verification of all your documents.

Post verification and complete payment of the fees, the VAT number will be allocated within a few days.

To check the status of your application, you can log on to your state’s VAT website and provide your credentials or the temporary VAT number.

An indicative list of documents required is as follows:

Incorporation Certificate of Company (in case of Companies).

Memorandum of Association (MoA) & Articles of Association (AoA) (in case of Companies).

Particulars of persons involved in the business, i.e. directors (in case of companies), partners (in case of firms) and individual proprietor (in case of proprietorship).

Address Proof of persons involved in the business – Lease / Rental Agreement.

PAN Card (Company's PAN card or Individual's PAN card in case of proprietorship).

ID Proof of persons involved in the business (Pan Card / Election Card/ Passport/ Driving License).

Rental Agreement/ Lease Agreement for the office premises in the name of Company /Partnership / Proprietorship.

Partnership Deed (in case of partnership firm)

Passport size photograph of persons involved in the business, i.e. directors (in case of companies), partners (in case of firms) and individual proprietor (in case of proprietorship).

Apart from the above, you are also expected to keep the following information handy:

Name of the Dealer / Company

Postal Address

Telephone No

E-Mail Address

Details of Director/ Managing Director/ Partners / Proprietor (as applicable) – Address, Ph. No., E-Mail ID

Details of Authorized Signatory

Date of Commencement of Business

Date of incorporation (in case of Company)

Nature of Business

Description of commodities

Bank account details

List of Directors (in case of Companies) / Partners (in case of Partnership Firm)

At any given point if you need assistance, you can get in touch with our seller support team. Once you receive the VAT number, please click here to register yourself and start selling on Amazon.

To apply for GST with your VAT number and stay up to date with GST, you can refer to our A-Z GST Guide.
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