Use size charts when you sell clothes online

Here's why size chart are important to sell clothes online

by Swati Bucha and Tauseef Ahmed on 28/04/2017
Size charts to sell clothes online
Small, medium, large, XL, XXL and so on: Generally, sizes can vary when it comes to actual fit, and that can be a major challenge if you sell clothing online. The problem is, whether you sell clothing with generic or numerical sizes (24, 26, or 26 waist, etc.), the measurements of these may vary for different manufacturers and regions. Additionally, every clothing product has a different fit and style. For example, t-shirts can be slim-fit or regular-fit, jeans can be low-waist or high-rise and so on.

If you, as an online seller, emphasise the size and fit guide high on your product detail page, it becomes easier for the customer to consider that product for buying. A prominent on-page size and fit guide with clear and common measurements and a guide on how to measure yourself for the best fit can immensely help your prospective buyers. A size chart gives a clear picture of the product’s size or measurement to your customers when making a buying decision.

Online sellers should upload size charts so that:

- Prospective buyers can check sizes and order the correct size
- There are minimum returns due to incorrect size or fit

Benefits of a size chart & fit information:

- Reduces the chance of returns due to incorrect size
- Fit and style information will help the customer understand if the product will suit them. While the size can be correct, some customers are more comfortable in regular fit.
- Size chart will also make your page look more professional

How to make a size chart:

Amazon sellers are lucky as they don’t need to worry about making size charts all on their own. The size charts available on can help you select the size map as per your preference for, Amazon follows a global size chart format and maintains the same for sellers.

Different size charts are available for various products such as t-shirts, pants, kurtis, dresses, etc.

To create a size chart for your products, please follow the below steps:

Download the template for the subcategory of your products.
- Fill in all the details in the template.
- Contact Seller Support with the updated size chart template.
- Please specify the brand name, product subtype and department.
- Our team will review the file and create a size chart for you.

If you are a seller on, you can also refer to the size chart templates for different categories here. However, please click here, if you have not yet started your online selling journey with Amazon.
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