Top small business opportunities in Uttar Pradesh

Business opportunities that are low on investment but can yield decent profit margins on execution

by Swetasree on 02/02/2018
Business Opportunities of selling online
Uttar Pradesh, located in the northern region of India also happens to be the country’s most populous state. With an impressive GDP score, Uttar Pradesh presents ample business opportunities, both medium and small-sized ones to entrepreneurs on the lookout for new business ideas in India. The opportunities are many and while some businesses are tried and tested, newer ideas are gaining momentum.

Here are top three small business opportunities in Uttar Pradesh that are low on the investment front but can yield decent profit margins if executed well:

Online local fruits and vegetables store

Uttar Pradesh is primarily an agricultural state. It produces food items aplenty and exporting agro-based produce can be quite profitable if done right. Organic fruit and vegetable export is a profitable small business opportunity in Uttar Pradesh. The best part about such a venture is that you can start it off at a small scale and gradually expand. You would need to perform an extensive research on the products you would be exporting and the market, which will be your area of operation. You also need a fair idea about the on-going price rates of perishables.

Chikankari garments venture

Make your mark all over India by embracing the local. Today, in their daily choice of clothing and in fashion-conscious circles, both men and women hail handmade textiles over machine made ones. Chikankari is quite the rage in different parts of the country. Open up a garments venture and sell chikankari all over the world. If you are based out of Uttar Pradesh, your products will have an authentic appeal because of the local artisans you employ, which may make you eligible for the Amazon Karigar program. Low in terms of the investment quotient, your chikankari garment venture can yield extremely high profits. You can even consider becoming a wholesale supplier of chikankari textile and sell to other businesses by simply availing Amazon’s Business to Business (B2B) seller program.

Detergent powder manufacturing

The most populous state of the country often has a huge demand for consumer durables. Simple items of daily use which may skip your notice can often make for a good small-scale business. Detergent is one such product which has an ever-present demand in the Uttar Pradesh. No rocket science, detergent manufacturing units can be an ideal business idea for beginners. You can have a small manufacturing unit producing detergents, bar soaps, fabric conditioners, etc. to suit a variety of customer needs.

All these business ventures run optimally when operated online. The advantages of going online with organic farm produce or textile manufacturing are multiple. Not only does it reduce operational costs, but it also maximises sales and profits by reaching out to hundreds to customers. Register as a seller on Amazon today and make hay while the sun shines bright on the e-commerce front.
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