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Here are some ideas of products you can sell online

The Covid19 pandemic has changed everyone's life significantly, and has also created demand in new categories. Watch the video below from our "What's Hot on Amazon" series about these trends.
In order to be successful in an e-commerce business, you need three things: the best products to sell, the skills to market them correctly, and the drive to become a successful entrepreneur. We know you already have a winner’s mindset and are constantly preparing to be successful in 2018 and to help you with a great start, we have compiled a list of top products that you can consider selling in 2018.
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Some of the trending products to sell

Sell natural beauty products online

A recent research states that by 2019*, India will emerge as a primary growth market in the skin care industry. Moreover, within the skin care industry a growing trend is veering towards natural and organic products infused with ‘pure’ ingredients. Thanks to the increased awareness, Indian consumers are now more conscious of their beauty choices, and this gives online sellers a great opportunity to enter this market and start selling chemical-free skincare products.

Sell portable LED projectors online

The portable projector industry is expected to be worth $3.44 billion** by 2022. There is a huge demand for mini projectors that can easily be attached to a smartphone making it convenient for salespersons and other business professionals to carry around. So, if you are planning to create an online projector store you have the option to various LED projectors such as handheld projectors, mini projectors, lighting effect/laser projectors, amongst others. This product can be sold under Electronics category, which was also one of the bestselling categories in 2017.

Sell phone accessories online

We all know that the phone accessories industry has been growing for years and by 2022, it should acquire a market of around $107.3 billion***. Accessories such as phone cases, screen guards, earphones, and chargers have proven to be products with reliable and growing demand ever since the smartphone revolution. Selling phone accessories online is one of the most efficient ways to start a business in this niche. Since there are so many products you could sell, it offers a wide variety of product types.

Sell LED flame lamps online

The demand for LED lights is growing, because of their environment-friendly and electricity-saving property. Flame lamps are gaining popularity amongst homeowners and interior decorators for decorating interior spaces. You can complement flame lamps with LED candlelights. Selling strings of these fairy lights is a great way to catering to a niche market for first-time entrepreneurs.

Sell bags online

The demand for the global handbag and purse manufacturing industry has surged over the past five years to reach a worth of $151 billion****. Backpacks, women’s bags, men’s bags, wallets, and tote bags are just a few products you could sell online. You must keep in mind the peak season that starts when the back-to-school season starts. You can focus your online bag store on school, travel, fashion, among various others allowing your customers a wide variety to choose from.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of the time, formulate a plan and be your own boss! Get started with your new business today, and grow it with Amazon’s help. Just register to sell on Amazon, list your products, and sit back and relax.

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