Tips to store products in your warehouse

Good warehouse practises can yield great benefits

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 12/10/2017
Tips for Warehouse management representation
Online selling business necessitates the use of a warehouse to store your products before they are ready to be packaged and shipped to the customer upon purchase. To ensure perfect condition of your products, great care must be taken while storing your products. Listed below are a few tips on how to store products in your warehouse for efficient online selling.

Label products for ease of management

A well-organised warehouse with correctly labelled products is an important step towards reducing efforts during the packing and shipping phase. Large warehouses can further benefit from being mapped for easy retrieval of products. This will save you the hassles of looking for a product among the bulk when an online purchase is made.

Sort products based on their demand

Upon doing sufficient market analysis, determine what products are going to be in higher demand. Additionally, products that see a high number of sales throughout the year should be prioritised when it comes to inventory management. These products should be placed in areas that are easily accessible to minimise the time required to move them. Create clear tracks for movement between one product aisle to another.

Train your employees

From moving to packaging and getting the products ready for the shipping process, a well-trained staff is instrumental in running an efficient warehouse system. Additional attention must be given to training your staff on handling fragile and valuable products to minimise any possible losses occurring through accidental damages.

Ensure a clean and uncluttered storage space

A warehouse free from clutter can greatly reduce the amount of time required to access and retrieve a product. Restock empty shelves with appropriate products for optimal utilisation of space. Opt for quarterly pest controls to make sure the warehouse does not get infected by insects and rodents, which may damage your products. Take special care to ensure that rains or harsh sunlight does not tamper your products. Periodic cleaning and maintenance is an absolute must while stocking your products.

Storing your products can be made easy by following the above steps. However, there is a great amount of overall cost involved in maintaining your own warehouse, performing inventory management and employing and training staff. Amazon provides its sellers an opportunity to enrol for world class amenities through the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service. The storing, packing, shipping and delivering of your products is managed by Amazon each time an order is placed. All you have to do is ship your products to the nearest Amazon FBA centre and the rest will be managed for you.

To opt for FBA service, you need to be registered as a seller on Amazon. It is an easy process which takes just a few minutes. So go ahead and become an online seller and help your business grow to new heights.
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