6 tips to sell more on Amazon during the festive Sales

by Ishita Malhotra on 26/09/2017
Tips to improve festive sales on Amazon
Festive sales on Amazon can be both, busy and exciting. On one hand, it is a great opportunity to increase your business on Amazon and on the other it could be a task to manage the high volume of orders. In order to make your life easier, we have created a network of expert service providers. These service providers can help you leverage this sale season and manage your operations better.

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So without further ado, here are the 6 different ways you can make the most of the festive sales on Amazon:

Make you product look good

Just how you put your focus on a good window display in your shop to attract the customer, you need to ensure that your best products are photographed and presented well. Your customer can’t actually see, touch and feel your product – all they have are the images you upload and the description you write. This is why good imaging and cataloging is important.

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Make your products easy to find

If the customer can’t see your product, they are unlikely to buy it. In your shop you have employees to help your customers find and buy what they want. In an online marketplace, this work is done via keywords. You need to ensure that the moment the customer types a key word, they see your product first. You can do this in two ways. You can either ensure that your catalogue has all the keywords relevant to your product, and if this isn’t sufficient, you can also advertise your products on Amazon to make them easily discoverable.

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Run festive deals & promotions

Festive sales mean more traffic on Amazon, and more people looking for good bargains and discounts online. Now that you have ensured your products look good are discovered easily, you should also run deals and promotions to make them look even more attractive to the price sensitive consumer. If you don’t know how to get started on this, you can even get yourself an account manager at least for this peak sale season. Click here to get boost account management at special Diwali rates.

Be in stock

Ensure that you have enough products in inventory before the Diwali sale starts. It takes time to send stock to the Fulfillment Centre, so ensure that you do this as soon as possible. There is currently a 25% discount on FBA inbound service that can help you restock your inventory at the Amazon Fulfillment Centre, click here to avail offer.

Have efficient operations

There is no point being flooded with Diwali offers, if you do not have proper backend operations to manage them. Being in stock is only a part of this. In order to get repeat customers and have a sustained benefit from the sales - you must respond promptly to buyer messages, deal with returns & refunds on time, and regularly check your sales reports to understand which of your products are doing good business. Additionally, do ensure that you do your account reconciliations on time and file for your GST in order to avoid legal issues.

If the magnitude of your business is too high to do this, it is advised that you engage a third party account manager to do this for you.

Ask for support

There are multiple ways you can reach out to Amazon for help, and even learn more about the best practices in order to launch, grow and manage your business online. There are enough free and paid support options to aid you in case if you need guidance. You can either call seller support or attend the webinars hosted by seller university and even get doorstep training at special rates during this festive season. Click here to get in-person training at your desired location.

If you are new to the idea of online selling and want to set up your business, you can register quickly to avail the above mentioned offers.
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