Tips to earn a five-star seller rating

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 05/05/2017
Tips to earn a 5 star rating
In this era of smart buying, customers thoroughly research about what they are buying and whom they are buying from. The buyer will not just assess the products on display before making a purchase, but also look for your rating on the site. An online shopper, specifically, is more likely to buy from a seller who has a five-star rating. Additionally, a high rating increases your chances of a buy box spot, and hence more sales.

This means that you as a seller, need to put forth the best of your products and services to earn top ratings. Read on to find out how you can achieve just that.

Set competitive pricing

Customers make purchases depending on the price of the products more than anything else. As a seller, you should keep track of the current pricing trends and how much a particular product is being sold at, on an average. An easy way to price competitive is to use Amazon’s automated pricing tool. Additionally, you could also provide deals and engage the customers to boost your ratings.

Deliver on or before time

When a customer places an order, they want it to be delivered as early as possible. As a seller, try to deliver products at the earliest and if possible, before time. By delivering on your promise, you earn the customer’s trust. This builds a positive outlook towards the seller, which then translates into you gaining positive reviews. Of course, sellers who choose Fulfillment by Amazon don’t need to worry, as Amazon will handle the shipping and delivery.

Pay attention to the packaging

Great packaging can go a long way in earning you that five-star rating. It shows the customer that you care about their order. When a customer receives a product in a well-packaged condition, chances are that they will make another purchase based on good packaging alone. This, in turn, helps you get good ratings.

Take customer feedback seriously

A customer, more often than not, will speak out when there is a negative experience as opposed to when the experience was positive or a routine one. When a buyer gets in touch with you regarding an issue, demonstrate that you truly care about their concerns and do everything in your power to set it right. Give mostly affirmative and positive answers to the customer’s queries to make them feel welcome. Take regular feedback from the customer, and implement it as much as possible to reduce customer complaints.

Good cataloguing and accurate product descriptions

A product with good images usually sells better than one without. For good cataloguing, you will have to conduct a professional photoshoot of your products. Also, well-written product descriptions which accurately describe the features can help the customer a great deal. The language should be kept simple and provide relevant information. By doing so, you provide transparency to the customer, which results in better rating.

Address common questions

While one on one communication with the customer is recommended, a lot of customers wouldn’t want to contact sellers to know basics of the product. In this case, if many customers have similar questions on the product, include their answers in your product description. This not just saves the customer a lot of time but also earns you better ratings because of the all-inclusive nature of the answers.

Five-star rating is like a star seller that helps you attract more customers. A lot of customers read reviews of the products and sellers before making a purchase. Higher seller rating may help you get noticed amongst competitors while simultaneously improving your business. Hence, it is very important to have positive reviews and good ratings as a seller. The above tips might be helpful in achieving five-star rating. If you want to register yourself as a seller at, please click here.
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