Start a business selling pet supplies online

by Kamini on 11/04/2018
Start a business selling pet supplies online
Who doesn’t love coming home to a cute pup or a kitten? Pets are loved by one and all. But, pet supplies can be a bane to buy from a store. After all, who wants to lug around large bags of cat litter and food? Pet supplies that are delivered at the doorstep is the most preferred solution to a pet lover’s dilemma. Said to be an industry that is worth over six thousand crore* and growing, if you have a soft spot for pet products, this niche industry offers a variety of products that can be fun as well as profitable to sell. Despite the number of pet stores cropping up online, it is possible to have a shop that stands out and Amazon can make this a reality. If you are planning to invest in this as a business, here are some things to consider before you get started:

Decide on the type of products you want to sell. Before taking the plunge, it is important to really know your target customer base. You could either sell a variety of pet supplies catering to various kinds of animals or select supplies specifically to one kind, like a cat or dog. The benefit of deciding to target one specific kind of pet is that it reduces the amount of competition that you are likely to encounter.

Look for suppliers for your pet shop. Unless you plan to sell the products that you create yourself, it is important to identify what kind of products you want to sell and determine what kind of suppliers to rely on for the sale of the product. It is important that there is more than one supplier because in the event that they don’t have stock or have run out of a particular product, there are others to fall back upon.

Create a catchy brand name. The name you give to your online storefront is very important in attracting potential customers and may require a little creativity. It is best to aim for something short, avoiding vague and awkward, while including a keyword that will show up in search engines. Not only does it stand out in the consumer’s mind but it is also what appears in searches when people are looking for specific products. It may be worth doing a little research into companies selling similar products to get an idea of what the best names options could be for your brand.

Check out the competition. Like it or not, there is competition out there. To really watch your shop thrive, it’s important to list out the competitors and check out what they are doing right as well as wrong. Doing this from the customers perspective can generate new ideas about features that you can include in the running of your own shop and can even give fresh insight into the running of the business.

Advertise and promote your business well. There are a number of fun, creative ways to go about spreading the word about your online pet shop. Advertising can be done through low-cost, effective means like newspapers, specialty products, promotional products and special events. Or, you can harness the outreach of social media for the same. Getting the buzz going is crucial to building your business, whether it is through word of mouth or through social media, magazines, newspapers and promotional events, etc.

Once you’ve planned your business well, execute it by becoming an online seller on Amazon. Register yourself in a few clicks, get access to crores of customers, fast and easy shipping, secure payment portals and start celebrating the joy of having pets by selling pet supplies online.

*Source: Oberlo: Wholesale Pet Supplies To Sell Online
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