Exploring small business opportunities in the City of Nawabs - Lucknow

Take a look at the list of small business opportunities at Lucknow

by Swetasree on 16/02/2018
Lucknow, the capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is a densely populated urban conglomeration. Regarded as a historic and artistic hub in Northern India, the city is an important centre for small business opportunities in various fields, such as technology, arts & crafts, etc.

So if you are based out of Lucknow and keen on starting out as a small or medium-scale entrepreneur, take a look at the following list of small business opportunities in the city. Since the internet is the biggest marketplace today, with an ever-expanding base of customers, the list is primarily about e-commerce ventures that are low in terms of their investment and high in terms of the profits they yield.
Small business opportunities

Organic fertiliser production:

Uttar Pradesh contributes to a major chunk of the country’s food grain production and therefore is home to many small as well as large scale farmers. The recent shift towards organic farming has, in turn, created a market demand for organic fertilisers. If you’re based in Lucknow, you can consider investing in an organic fertiliser manufacturing business. On the one hand, you help grow organic farm produce, on the other, you earn money from it. It makes for a win-win situation and a great place for first-time entrepreneurs to begin.

Customised chikankari textiles:

Lucknow is the heart of production of this embroidered textile. Naturally, the availability of local artisans skilled in this trade will be easy to find and plenty in number. Chikankari was usually bought and sold as raw cloth in meters. Today, men and women alike have a knack for customisable chikankari scarves, trousers, sarees, kurtas, blouses, shirts, and room decor among several others. While setting up your chikankari business online, offer your customers options to customise. Make sure they can set up their order in a particular design they want, a colour they prefer, the format they want the drape in, and so on. Traditional embroidery has always been in demand. The demand, while continuing to grow has changed its nature as well. Cater to the changing needs of the time, and you’ve a winning plan for a home business.

Online organic spices store:

The City of Nawabs is world-famous for its delectable local cuisine comprising kebabs, biriyanis, various sweetmeats, etc. No wonder, Lucknow’s spices are well-known too. But, an online grocery store comes as no surprise. Take things a notch higher up on the innovation front by investing in a small-scale organic spices store. It is a relatively safe footing to start your own small venture in Lucknow. You can customise your products by offering spice box sets containing all necessary ingredients specific to a type of food preparation. Include stories about the origin of the recipe in your packaging, and you’re sure to attract customers from all over the country.

Once you’ve explored options for the small-sized business you are keen on setting up, start creating a clear plan with regard to your start-up business of choice. Make sure you have an online presence. This will not only accelerate sales, but will also help you reach out to a wider clientele and generate higher profits. Instead of developing a website all by yourself, simply register here & start selling on Amazon’s seller portal and climb the chart of success.
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