Small Business Ideas in Kolkata: Innovate, Ideate & Ignite Your Success

Explore these top 5 small business ideas in Kolkata – The city steeped in history, culture and food

by Pinaz on 02/11/2017
Popularly known to be the multi-cultural and cosmopolitan ‘city of joy’, Kolkata is the pinnacle port for the North-eastern states and the commercial hub of the east offering varied business opportunities. The digital boom, ecommerce explosion and the on-demand, rising customer expectations have impacted lifestyles, businesses and more. For passionate people seeking financial independence, small businesses hold a lot of promise.The top five essentials would be:

An ‘idea’ that stems from your passion, something you ace at.
The potential to translate the idea into a viable business.
Market and audience research for key insights.
A robust business plan for strategic execution.
Having a financial estimate required to sail.

However, the complexities of trade licenses, legal and renewal procedures in Kolkata for big businesses are a deterrent for aspiring entrepreneurs. The city was thus ranked 17th out of 17 other cities in the 2009 report of the World Bank Ease of Doing Business*. Thus small business ideas in Kolkata seem more promising with the:

Eclectic mix of middle class and lower middle class, semi-skilled and skilled inhabitants – Less labour costs.
Small capital required for small businesses.
Easier to set-up to implement with minimal logistics.

Explore these top 5 small business ideas in Kolkata – The city steeped in history, culture and food:

Home- Baked – The Bengali’s enjoy their love for baked items and there is thus an opportunity to provide freshly baked delights from the comfort of your home.
Photography & Videography – With the palatial structures in the city and occasions galore, being a freelancing photographer & videographer can be profitable.
The Business of Beauty – In the age of the ‘so conscious’, offering a spectrum of beauty services on a freelance basis can rake the moolah.
Go-To-Event Supplier – With many festivals and occasions, there is always a constant requirement for products that are used in events. Be that one-stop-shop of hire for all events.
E-commerce Business – The most rewarding investment to make with buying and selling a wide range of products online.

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