Setting multiple user permissions on Amazon Seller Central

by Arshiya Dey on 31/03/2017
A quick and easy way to get your online store managed by your employees
Selling online is simple and easy. It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. Selling online on Amazon, however, makes it even simpler. Say you want to prioritise your hobbies, take that yoga class, spend more time with your children or simply concentrate on other aspects of your business while your online store is still running independently. All you have to do it is provide limited access to someone who can take care of your business while you are away. This access can be provided without you sharing your own username and password.

As soon as you register to sell on, only you (the original invited user) can access the features of Seller Central. After setting up the initial account, you (the account manager) can compile a list of people who can access your online store and determine the respective rights for those users.

Once you are ready to invite new users to Seller Central, the invitation process will follow the three steps mentioned below:

1: Account manager sends the user an invitation e-mail: The account manager invites all other users to the system using an e-mail invitation.

2: User Receives Confirmation Code: After clicking on the link in the invitation e-mail, the user navigates to a Web page containing a confirmation code. The user shows the confirmation code to the account manager, and the account manager then approves the user and grants limited rights to the user.

3: User accesses Seller Central and Creates Account: After clicking on the link in the invitation e-mail, the user sees a login page in the browser window. The user now has to log in usig their username and password.

Please note: the username and password are combined together to identify a unique user account. For example, + password1 and + password2 are different user accounts.

If the user has an existing account and password, they can log in from the same page. Most users, however, must create a new account.

You or the Account Manager can follow the steps mentioned below to add users to your account:

On the Welcome Invited User page, click No, I am a new customer. The account creation page appears.

On the account creation page, enter the preferred login information in all fields.

When the form is complete, click Submit to create the account.

To give specific user rights to a particular user, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

On the Add or Edit User page, click the button next to each tool you want to allow the user to access. These tools could be anything, from managing your FBA inventory to managing Sponsored Products. They can only access areas of your selling account for which you provide permission.

When you are finished, click Continue. A confirmation message appears confirming the modifications.

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