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From setting up an account to advertising products to using Amazon tools, all sellers may need help with their business at some stage. To ease managing your account, Amazon has established a Service Provider Network, a network of third-party service providers to help you at any stage of your business. Let’s see how it works and impacts your business.
To be the best in your field, you need to understand it inside out and perfect its every aspect. In an online business, especially a successful Amazon business, you need to ensure that you have

● Good product catalogs with images and descriptions
● Competitive pricing
● Great customer experience and more

These all are easy when you know how to manage your online business successfully. Amazon works continuously to make selling on Amazon an easy and convenient process for everyone. With this aim, Amazon comes up with ways to help sellers at every step of their selling journey.

With its 24*7 seller support, Amazon also aims to create a self-sustaining marketplace of services so you can successfully grow your business and thus benefit from the digital economy. Amazon Service Provider Network or SPN has been created so you can get expert help for your business.

What is Amazon SPN?

It’s a network of third-party service providers that help you in launching, managing, and growing your business on SPN today is a network of over 800 professional service providers. These professionals are trained on Amazon standards and guidelines and their performance is continuously monitored to ensure high quality.

Why SPN?

For sellers, Amazon always aims to create a business environment where you always walk into the path of success, with multitudes of incoming customers and sales every day. But for a new seller, with a little knowledge of the marketplace and its functioning, it can get overwhelming to manage the business, hampering your sales and growth. Getting help from an expert is the easiest way to set up your business and drive growth. Thus, SPN guides and supports you at your initial and growing stages so you can manage your business like a professional.

Benefits of SPN

1. 360-degree solution

From launching your business to growing it into a successful brand, SPN experts can help you at every step. The network is beneficial for all the sellers, whether new or experienced, as they can seek expert help to set up their account and run their business. The network gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge of the Amazon marketplace and benefit. .

Apart from the regular assistance, you can also get tips and tricks on running your Amazon business. They always know better and may guide you in what to do and what to avoid to become a successful seller.

2. Quick help

The empanelled service providers know almost everything about selling on Amazon. Hence, the turnaround time is quick and customized as per your needs. This can be a great help during sales events like the Great Indian Festival so you can start your sale on time and generate maximum revenue.

3. Global coverage

The service providers not only help you conduct business in India but also help in expanding your business around the globe. Currently, SPN can help you across 18 marketplaces including the US, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Europe, Singapore, Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Australia, and more.

4. Qualified service providers

Service providers listed on SPN are trained on Amazon policies and guidelines. They are ranked based on various parameters such as the number of orders, feedback rating, response time, etc. The service provider detail page also includes information on the capabilities, pricing as well as peer feedback and review. This enables you to make an informed decision. Additionally, their performance is continuously monitored ensuring high quality.

So let’s see how this SPN network works.

How to get SPN help?

It’s actually quite simple. Here’s how you can find the best possible help for you.

1. Visit the Service Provider Network page.
2. Click on ‘Find a service provider’.
3. You’ll be directed to a new page where you can explore different categories of services for your needs.
4. You can either choose from the option provided or use filters to narrow down your choices.
5. After you choose your service category, it’s similar to online shopping, where you apply different filters to choose the final product. Use various filters available to choose the ideal service provider for you.
6. Once you’ve found your service provider, you can contact them.
7. Fill in the details of your requirements and submit your request. The service provider will then reach out to you to get your work started.

Services available on SPN

There is a vast list of services on SPN at your dispense. These services are categorized into three sections and can help you:

1. Launch your business

● Imaging: Product photoshoot, model photoshoot, and on-site photoshoot as per Amazon guidelines
● Cataloging: Helps you list new products with title, description, keywords, and optimize your existing listing
● Training: Trains you on the registration process on Seller Central as well as Amazon tools, policies, and guidelines

2. Manage your business

● Account Management: Manage day to day operations, account health, deals and coupons, pricing and inventory, and catalog enhancement
● Domestic Shipping: Enables FBA sellers to send their products to Fulfilment Centers (FCs)
● Accounting: Helps with payment reconciliation, profitability analysis, and accounting software integration
● Taxes: Tax registration and filing based on sales and returns on Amazon
● Seller Reinstatement: Helps in writing a POA and getting your suspended account reinstated
● FBA preparation: Labelling, poly bagging, quality checks, and bundling products before sending to Amazon FCs
● Storage: Warehousing services

3. Grow your business:

● Advertising Optimization: Set up sponsored products, sponsored brands, brand store, and keyword optimization to improve visibility
● Aplus Cataloging: Rich product descriptions and multiple high-quality images to highlight product features
● Compliance: Product testing and certification to meet the regulations in the selling marketplace
● International Shipping: Transports your inventory to international FCs or directly to the international customers
● International Returns: Processes returns from international customers, gets them returned to you or other alternatives


Amazon SPN inbounded my products in just 24 hours for Great Indian Festival Sale - Vaibhav Gupta, Jaidev Mal & Sons

Amazon SPN Cataloguing services listed 200 products for me in just 2 days - Kuljit Singh, Zaisch India

These testimonials are just an example of how fast and impactful the SPN is for the sellers.

As of today, 110,000+ sellers have grown globally using Amazon SPN. It helps you become a self-sustained seller as well as learn how to smoothly manage your business, so you can focus on growth. Join today to start your business and avail the SPN support for a quick start to making sales.
Disclaimer: Whilst Amazon Seller Services Private Limited ("Amazon") has used reasonable endeavours in compiling the information provided, Amazon provides no assurance as to its accuracy, completeness or usefulness or that such information is error-free. In certain cases, the blog is provided by a third-party seller and is made available on an "as-is" basis. Amazon hereby disclaims any and all liability and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for consequences resulting from use of such information. Information provided may be changed or updated at any time, without any prior notice. You agree to use the information, at your own risk and expressly waive any and all claims, rights of action and/or remedies (under law or otherwise) that you may have against Amazon arising out of or in connection with the use of such information. Any copying, redistribution or republication of the information, or any portion thereof, without prior written consent of Amazon is strictly prohibited.

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