Here’s why selling mobile accessories online could be a profitable business idea

If you are a mobile accessory retailer in India, here's how taking your business online could prove fruitful

by Ayesha Siddiqa on 12/01/2018
It is estimated that over 40 million smartphones were sold in India in Q3 of 2017 and the Indian market overtook its US counterpart to become the second largest smartphone market in the world*. According to market projections, a larger number of smartphones are expected to be sold in 2018. Thanks to the ease of online shopping, more and more people are buying mobiles through online mediums. Festive sales and exclusive launches on select online platforms only add to this number each year.

Mobile phones are not just restricted to making calls and listening to music anymore. With inexpensive data packages, they have almost become an inevitable part of a person’s everyday life - from searching queries to surfing the net. People typically spend a considerable amount of money on their mobiles. Naturally, they want to take good care of these devices. Also, these devices often require one or multiple of the below-mentioned accessories:
>Mobile and Tab cases/covers
>Tempered glasses
>Headsets (click here for a comprehensive guide for selling headphones online)
>Power banks
>SD cards
>Card readers
>USB Cables
>Bluetooth speakers

Due to the different variety of models available in the market, it is not always possible to find an accessory for every model in a brick and mortar store. Additionally, the ease of online shopping – easier access to a wide range of products, price comparison and online filters, has made customers opt for buying these accessories online.

Just like online shopping for consumers, online selling is catching up as the preferred mode of business for a lot of retailers. If you are a mobile accessory retailer in India, taking your business online could prove fruitful. Especially with an already established online marketplace brand like Amazon, you could leverage your offline business to make better profits.

Amazon is world-renowned in providing excellent customer service, inadvertently pulling in huge crowds of online shoppers to seller’s storefronts. It also gives you access to customers from remote parts of the country, thereby increasing your consumer base. How to become an online seller at Amazon? It’s simple. Simply register here with necessary details, list your product inventory and voila, you can start selling to crores of online customers.

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