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by Priyanka on 13/03/2018
If you are wondering what to sell online, we have a great idea for you. Consider selling watches and clocks. Watches are a popular item of daily wear that doubles up as an accessory and clocks are prominent objects of home décor. Both watches and clocks, therefore, remain in demand all year round. Sourcing the quirkiest of wall clocks to the daintiest of watches and listing them online can thus be a nice idea to start your first ever online venture. Curating customised pieces such that there is an option for everyone across various price ranges can be your USP.

There are many ways of starting a watch and wall clock business, here are a few guiding principles to follow for success.

Choose your niche
In order to effectively tackle competition, you need to create a niche for your watch and wall clock business. Try to narrow down the type of watches or clocks you want to sell and pinpoint your target consumer base. For instance, you can stock vintage watches, pocket watches, designer watches, artisan watches, and women’s watches. You can apply your own creativity and source customised pieces from various places.
When it comes to clocks, you can consider products which can act as a conversational piece rather than mass made items which are available everywhere. Here too, use your imagination and refer to global websites to stock products that stand out in a crowd. Ensure the uniqueness of your offering appeals to your customers.Obtain permits and other legal formalities
You need to obtain all necessary permits required in your city and state to operate a retail business. You may need a resale permit, assumed name certificate, Employer Identification Number or sales tax permit. You also need to complete certain legal formalities before starting your online retail venture.

Develop your own packaging
Try to develop suitable packaging for your watches and clocks so that your brand stands out. You might not be producing any of your inventory but you need to create your brand recall and a good, eye catching packing can help you to achieve that. Try to pack your products in boxes with stickers featuring your company logo and use branded shipping labels and shopping bags with your logo or business name. This will give a distinct identity to your brand and contribute towards building brand image.

Work on the logistics
Find a place to store your inventory of watches that is free of dust, dirt and moisture. A clean spare room or closet, commercial storage facility or warehouse would be suitable. Open accounts with wholesale watch distributors, manufacturers and brands to obtain your inventory. Procuring wholesale is essential, otherwise you won't be able to make a profit and grow your business.

Consider Amazon as your online partner
Once you have put all the business dynamics in place, you must secure venues to sell your watches and clocks online. You can consider partnering with Amazon and start your e-commerce business right away. You need to begin by registering at Amazon. Just click on Register Now to get started. Get your seller portal up and running in a few clicks and get access to Amazon’s bountiful customer base.
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