You should sell online if you are from a small town in India, here's why!

Here are some of the benefits of doing business from a small town

When the streets of your town aren’t cluttered with cars and the many faces that you pass by seem familiar, you know you are in a small town. This comforting and uncompetitive lifestyle is very attractive to many Indians and rightfully so. Why would you want to move your children to a city where they can’t ride their cycles to school or play cricket on the street? If a winter afternoon means taking a quick nap, then you do it.

The easy alternative to moving cities for a successful career is setting up an online business in your own town. It is simple, rewarding and secure. There are just four things you need to start your online business on Amazon and launch it within minutes. So, what are the other benefits of doing business from a small town?

Lower business related costs

Apart from really low investment, online businesses don’t require you to hire many people, rent a shop or be available at your shop all the time to run your business. In case you need to hire, labor cost in a small town is reasonably low as compared to the metro cities. The cost for rent and logistics is affordable and there are various services offered by Amazon that take care of your inventory and orders through FBA or allow you to delegate business related tasks to third party service providers.

Nation-wide reach

How amazing would it be to live in Manipur and sell Manipuri Handloom products to customers across India? Amazon’s Easy Ship service covers over 20,000 Pin codes across India and the FBA service even allows you to stock your products in an Amazon warehouse/Fulfillment Centre. That is the kind of reach you get when you set up your business online with Amazon.

Zero Investment on Technology

When you sell online on a digital marketplace like Amazon all your tech based needs are taken care of. For example, if you need to price your products competitively, based on the current market standard, you can use the Automated Repricing tool. If you want to manage your orders on the go, you can use the Seller App. You can also list your products directly through the App by matching the barcode and taking a picture. For every tech-based need, you have a solution.

Help your local community

It makes for an amazing world when every time we earn we also give. Setting up an online business in a small town will allow you to source products from the local artisans and small manufacturers and help them get better revenue for their products.

A great example of such a success was Rani Ravindran, who from the small town of Periyakulam in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu, set up an Amazon business. She provided income for relatives, employment for the locals and success for her business.

You too can sell online in India by becoming an Amazon seller today.
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