Here’s all you need to know to sell Baby Products online

by Arshiya Dey on 10/08/2017
Sell baby products online
As of August 10, 2017, India’s population stands at 1.34 billion with more than 20 percent of the global population of children within the age group of 0-3, being born and residing in India. These numbers indicate the growing demand and that there has never been a better time to set up a business to sell baby products online.

In order to ensure safety, Baby Products need to maintain the highest quality bar and have to be carefully monitored for shelf life. Therefore, it is ideal that you set up your business on an ecommerce marketplace that the customers trust. You can start by setting up your business on Amazon.

For the initial store set up, you need the following four things:

Contact Details – Name, Phone Number, Email Address & Postal Address
GST number/ID – Visit the AtoZ GST guide to learn how to acquire one.
PAN (Permanent account number) number for business
Bank Account Details to receive your payment
Once you are registered, you must identify the kind of baby products would you like to sell from the categories mentioned below:

Baby Apparel
Baby Toys
Baby Care & Cosmetics
– Ex; Soap, lotion, shampoo etc
Baby Food
Baby Accessories
Baby Diaper
– Ex; Cotton diaper, Long lasting diaper, Cloth diaper etc
Other Baby essentials: Ex; Baby walker, Baby perambulator/stroller etc

As you identify the category of products you want to sell from, you should also identify if the kind of products you want to sell are branded or unique. Once identified, based on the kind of product you will be required to follow one of the below mentioned steps:

For all unique products that you want to sell, for example, if you want to sell locally manufactured high quality cloth diapers for a newborn, it is advised that you sell them under your own brand by going through the process of Brand Registry.

If you want to sell branded products, ensure that you have all the necessary permissions in place while you are listing them on Amazon.

For products that don’t have barcodes, you need to go through the process of UPC exemption.

If the category you want to sell from is restricted, for example, Baby food, Baby Care & Cosmetics will fall under the restricted category, you will need to fill a small form and request them to unblock you before you can start adding products to your online store. However, if you want to sell from an open category, you can quickly add your products using one of the four ways of listing and set up your store for launch.

Post listing completion, your online store will be ready to sell baby products.

Not convinced? Watch the story of how Meeta began selling toys and Nowfal became a runaway success with baby products.
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