Securing Your Online Business With Amazon

The world’s marketplace seems to be shifting to the online platform. You can sell almost everything on ecommerce platforms/marketplaces today. And that’s what businesses are doing – from a needle to a haystack – everything is being sold online.

Why not? The e-commerce market is brimming with possibility, with an estimated 2.5 billion global digital buyers ready for sellers looking to make the jump online in 2020. Simply put, with the number of people shopping online only growing each year, the time to be an online store owner is now!

However, like any other marketplace, the online market is also crowded with a lot of players selling similar products and catering to the needs of the customer base. Even if the online retailing option may seem lucrative, global online market networks come with a few challenges.

Some challenges that stand in the way of online sales are high delivery costs, the necessity of computers and internet access, and the inability to sell certain products online. Then, there’s the difficulty in finding repeat customers owing to competition, similar product offerings etc. Because of this, many retailers face uncertainty in business and are reluctant to take their businesses online. And it is a fact that most online business set-ups have a lingering fear that they won’t be as successful as they would have been if they’d sold their goods offline.

These are challenges you could face, but with a secure business system you can secure your online business in the midst of all the chaos and competition.

This is where Amazon comes in – a singular, online marketplace that ensures optimal business security and a host of other benefits. This is how sellers can use online marketplaces to extend the reach of their products to a much wider audience.

Why sellers consider Amazon as a secure online selling marketplace?

The first and the most obvious benefit that traders can gain from being a part of Amazon is the marketplace’s reach. The minute you register as a seller on Amazon, you get access to a massive customer ecosystem which has already been established by Amazon. But other than this, the question of business security also comes up. Retailers may find themselves asking what office security systems are in place to ensure smooth operations with Amazon. To that effect, one can be expected to find these benefits –

1. Marketing Potential:

Amazon’s built-in customer base allows for repeat customers without sellers having to spend large amounts of money on advertising just to inform buyers of their existence. Amazon’s “recommended product” feature gives you the added advantage of showcasing your goods to customers that aren’t even looking for them! The Amazon Marketplace Appstore is also a great tool for sellers to reach out to customers on the go.

2. Packing and Shipping Orders:

You can stop worrying about what to use when readying your products purchased through Amazon. Thanks to services such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), retailers can save money and time invested in buying, boxes, packets, bubble wrap, plastics and other shipping, packing, and storage essentials for your products.

3. Logistical Considerations:

Almost all online and offline traders have faced logistic challenges at some point or the other - a very crucial factor which no online business can overlook. With Amazon’s commitment to precise shipping and delivery measures, you’ll no longer have to worry about any hiccups. Inventory tracking, secure shipping measures and expert handling are just some of the basic features that sellers can leverage. Additionally, sales tax collection is done automatically by Amazon, ensuring that you don’t feel overwhelmed with logistics when sending across packages to multiple jurisdictions.

4. Product Security:

Amazon offers secure reimbursement options to sellers to recuperate any losses that occur as a result of thefts, fires, natural calamities or other unforeseeable events. This is a great benefit for sellers on the marketplace, so that they don’t need to spend large amounts of their own money in any other situation to recover from losses of this nature. A great measure to damage proof your business, isn’t it?

5. Customer Care:

Dealing with angry or abusive customers on an internet marketplace is something that causes much worry for online sellers. Luckily, Amazon’s world-class customer service professionals handle this part for you. They can either handle the customer interactions on their end directly or assist vendors to find the best ways to handle customer requests and queries that are generated on their site.

There are many benefits of selling through Amazon, damage-proofing your business being the most critical. Read up on other ways to effectively secure your business here. With the support of the global ecommerce giant, you can easily take your business online without having to spend sleepless nights worrying about your business security.

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