How to reduce the number of returns on your orders

by Arshiya Dey on 13/04/2016
Reduce returns
As an Online Seller it can get difficult, time consuming and tiring to manage returns, especially if you have large order volumes. It is not just about the logistics and costs, but also the manpower that goes into managing these orders. Quite often, there are simple solutions to the causes of product returns, but due to lack of awareness and proper management techniques, a lot of sellers end up incurring huge losses due to these returns. At Amazon, we constantly strive to help our sellers streamline operations and reduce costs and losses and in that spirit we would like to share, five tips that will help you reduce the chances of your products getting returned:

Always have accurate product details:

The product information on the description page should be as accurate as possible to give a buyer the complete set of details so when the product gets delivered, it should be exactly of the same colour, size, pattern, quality and as the image shown on the website. If a customer receives a product, which is different from what was described on the detail page then they will not be happy and would want to return it. So, it is always advisable to follow the best practices of cataloguing and listing and reduce the chances of bad customer experience and returns.

Do excellent packaging:

Packaging is not only about knowing how to pack a product but also making sure the right product gets packed and shipped to the right customer. Delivering the wrong product can make a customer lose complete trust very quickly in your online store. At the same time, when packing the right product, make sure that the package meets Amazon's packaging standards. Taking care while packaging will ensure that your customers receive the product they ordered, in an excellent condition.

Maintain product quality and apply customer feedback:

Taking notes from customer feedback can help you reduce repeat returns. When a particular product is being returned multiple times or complaints are being raised, it is best to find out the root cause and fix the problem. It could be a batch of defective products that need immediate attention or there could be an issue with the description on the product detail page. Quick action on feedback will lead to lower complaints and returns.

Do on time shipping and delivery:

Customers do not like waiting - sometimes even they have deadlines, someone's birthday or anniversary for example. When you receive an order request, it should be of utmost priority to dispatch the product as soon as possible. Product delivery can be delayed for multiple logistical reasons while in transit but order dispatch is in your hands and should not become a cause for negative customer experience. If the customer receives the order too late and he/she doesn’t need it anymore, then they will return it – a situation best avoided with speedy shipment and delivery.

Have competitive pricing:

Obviously, this is the best way to win over customers. Always ensure you price your products competitively compared to other seller’s on Amazon. If a customer ordered a product from you at a certain cost and finds the same product for a lower cost elsewhere, he is likely to return your product. The customer’s perception of value for money is the key to successful sales and low returns.

So there you go – easy actions that can lower returns and improve customer experience. If in case you are a new seller on Amazon and need help with setting up your online business, you can read this or register here if you are looking to start selling on Amazon.
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