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by Arshiya Dey on 23/06/2017
Products to sell online from tamilnadu
As the land of breathing minds, Tamil Nadu boasts of an extravagant ancient culture beneath the ever-evolving modern market. The state is home to thousands of online sellers who make a huge part of its rapidly growing internet using population. From the north in Chennai to the south in Nagercoil, sellers from the state sell sarees, food products, electronics, leather products and much more. Many of these online sellers manage their selling account through their mobile phones only.

Therefore, whether you are a seller, reseller, distributer or a manufacturer, you can easily set up your online store based out of Tamil Nadu. However, to start setting up your online business you need to select the products you want to sell. Here is a brief list of products that you can choose from:

Sarees, Textile & Dress Materials

The famous Kanchipuram silk sarees are weaved and sourced to sell from the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu. The other kinds of sarees are Arani sari, weaved and manufactured in Arani in Tamil Nadu, the Madurai Sungudi, which is a cotton variant, Konrad sarees that were initially woven for temple deities, Chettinadu sarees that are perfect for most occasions including a casual evening and the plain Rasipuram silk. This cotton variant of Madurai Sungudi is also used to make dress materials.
Massive swathes of textiles in cotton are woven in the outskirts of Chennai, that are later sold as parts of dress materials or for the use of house furnishings. Coimbatore being the primary hub of the cotton textile industry is fondly known as the ‘’Manchester of India’’.

Leather products

Ambur in Tamil Nadu is known to be one of the largest manufacturers of pure leather products. The entire town is made up of families who thrive on the leather goods business. They have acres of lands used as tanneries and hundreds of artisans cutting, stitching and packing leather goods to be exported across the globe. Sourcing leather products from this little town is a great idea, especially because Ambur is famous for one other thing, the Ambur biriyani. Every time you go there to stock up your inventory, you also relish some biriyani.
Leather industries are also located around Dindigul, Erode and Vellore. Expanding up to the nearby towns of Ranipet, Melvisharam, Pernambut, Vaniyambadi and Perundurai.


With tens of international IT companies setting up their corporate offices in Chennai, Tamil Nadu has become the growing destination of manufacturing electronics. For a number of cellular phone companies, Chennai is their South Asia manufacturing hub. This gives the residents of Tamil Nadu easy access to high quality electronic products that can be easily sold on Amazon. Electronics are also one of the bestselling products in India

Food items with high shelf-life

If there is a masala that you make at home or a pickle that you get praised for, then it is a great idea to list them on Amazon. You can also sell chikki (peanut brittle), elaichi (Cardamom), Nilgiri oils or the handmade chocolates from Ooty & Kodaikanal. The expanse of an online marketplace like Amazon in India makes it really easy for Indian across the country to experience the food specialties of Tamil Nadu without even travelling.

Accessories required for Karakattam

The ancient folk dance of Tamil Nadu, performed to praise the rain goddess is Karkattam. This unique dance form requires the dancers to dress themselves and accessorise with a certain type of jewellery that is not easily accessible. If you sell jewelry online for Karakattam, you may open a market for unique products and help a few dancers who may not have access to it.

Books in Tamil language on Tamil literature

India’s diversity doesn’t limit people from different background and cultures from learning about each other. The free society allows the residents of Tamil Nadu to live far away from their state and yet have access to books written in Tamil. So, setting up a store on Amazon with Tamil books and books on Tamil literature is a great idea to create awareness and cater to thousands of customers who want to buy it.

Kollywood Merchanise

Tamil Nadu’s pride also remains in Rajnikanth and his heritage. Crores of Indian citizens who aren’t Tamilians or live in Tamil Nadu also worship Rajnikanth for his work. Creating merchandise specifically to appease this crowd is a great idea.

This is only a brief list of what you can sell from Tamil Nadu. For a state as vast and diverse, there are thousands of other products that you can start selling on Amazon.
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