Products to sell online: Investing in an automobile spare parts business

Make the most of growing automobile accessories demand

by Francesca on 11/05/2018
Sell anywhere in India for automobile part representation
The automobile industry has a huge potential in India and there are many ways to piggyback on this one. From starting a spare parts shop to a used car zone or specialising in being just a battery dealer, the choice for products to sell online is yours.

One thing is sure, no matter what your items for sale are, partnering with Amazon’s third party service provider network will make those well-planned marketing tactics reap generous revenues. So if you’ve been exposed to a world of knowledge in cars and a business in this industry is what really drives you, we’ll help you start small while aiming for the stars with a spare parts business. Here’s are some key tips on getting started:

Get the blueprint ready

How much do you plan to invest? What’s your target for the first year? Where will your store be located? Will you sell online? What are your sources? Pricing? Delivery or installation? Make sure you get all these basic questions answered first. For instance, you can have a local shop and be available online as well. Next, getting the necessary licensing and paperwork done is also equally important.


You could contact car manufacturers and ask them to provide you with scratched spares or slightly dented parts at half the cost. Or you could go on a scavenger hunt for parts from local hawkers. If you hear of some used car put up for sale at a dirt cheap price, it could be a wise decision to buy it and break it down for useful spare parts. If you plan to own a garage, you could also build connections with used car retailers who would be interested in fixing the spares you get in exchange for installing new ones. Investing in wholesale deals for parts you know are crucial to most cars can be a good idea especially if you plan to put them up as items for sale to bag a good margin.


Whether it’s online or local, ensure your brand is everywhere. In order to beat the competition for the first few months you may have to drop your prices or find a value proposition that your prospects will appreciate. A coupon in the local newspaper, or a discount flashing every time they pass your store is known to work quite well. If you have a website make sure it’s user-friendly and clutter-free. A great way to do this to segregate your products to sell online as performance parts, replacement parts, models, custom parts, and other relevant groups. Make sure you clearly mention the details of each product, its make, terms of sale and return, shipping policies, warranty if any and other related information.

Apart from this, building a network with other auto spare part dealers also goes a long way in ensuring your inventory doesn’t pile on dust. So if you’re looking to kick start your business in this niche or any other, signing up with Amazon as an e-seller would help share the load of making a successful profit from the get go itself.
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