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Calculate your margins on sale of products using our GST calculator

To assist sellers in their transition to the new system of taxation, we at Amazon have provided a host of material through the 'A-to-Z GST Guide'. Now that GST deadline is looming, sellers have to take definitive actions like updating their GSTIN registration numbers with Amazon and updating their prices for their products to account for GST, so that their business continues running smoothly.

One of the impacts of GST for sellers is the change in the tax rate. A change in tax rate effectively means sellers may need to adjust the prices for their products and recalculate their margins. In order to assist sellers with this, we have created a simple pricing calculator that will help sellers calculate what will be their margins on sale of products and if need be, adjust the prices, in their discretion.

Please note that this calculator is indicative and is only meant to help the estimate the new margin, after implementation of GST. The purpose of this calculator assist sellers in their re-pricing exercise and must not be considered as a rule.

You can click here to download the file containing the calculator. Below are the detailed instructions on how to use the calculator:

Please note that in order to use complete features of the calculator, we recommend a compatible version of Microsoft Excel. Click “Enable Editing” and then “Enable Content” buttons on the top of the excel file to enable the calculator.

Sheet I: Working Sheet (will help you break down the details of one item at a time)

Step 1: Select the appropriate rate of excise duty applicable on the product. If 'other' is selected, then manually enter the applicable rate in cell J12.

Step 2: Tick on the box if excise duty is applicable on abated value on goods procured. If abatement is applicable, manually enter the rate of abatement in cell J10.

Step 3: Select the nature of procurement, i.e. if it is being procured from a different state/inter-State (CST) or within the same state intra-State (VAT), by choosing the buttons present in row 19-20.

Step 4: If nature of procurement is selected as CST, then manually enter the rate of CST applicable on the product in cell J9. If purchases are against Form C - rate of CST should be 2%.

Step 5: Select the rate of VAT applicable on sale of products from the drop down list in cell J8 (alternatively, it can be inserted manually). Even if sale is made on inter-State basis, CST rate will be aligned to VAT rate, since the sale is made to end-customer.

Step 6: If nature of purchases is VAT, then the VAT rate inserted as per Instruction 5 (for sale of goods) will be the considered as the default purchase rate.

Step 7: Select the manner of computation of margin (ie, whether on cost price, sale price or MRP) in cell H21 to I21.

Step 8: Manually insert the existing percentage of margin in cell J11.

Step 9: Select the rate of GST applicable on supply of goods from drop down list (alternatively, it can be manually inserted).

With all these steps in place, you will be able to see the net summary of the VAT/CST to GST shift in yellow in rows 25-30. You can then consider re-adjusting the price in cell J7 to see the impact that reducing/increasing the price will have on your margins.

Sheet II: Bulk Working Sheet (will help you compute the prices of multiple items in a convenient format)

This sheet works in a similar way as the previous one, and you are only required to enter the ‘Product Details’ and the fields marked in yellow:

Product details (price)
Margin( % of cost)
Deemed Credit
GST Rate %
Excise Duty (if any)
Excise Duty abatement (if any)

After entering the details in the relevant fields, your net margin across all products can be calculated.

With the pricing calculator, we hope sellers will be able to more effectively price their products under GST.

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