FAQs to win the Next-Gen shoppers

The world is changing so fast. Everything is changing, including people’s buying behavior. How to understand the new audience? How to keep up with the trends? Here are some FAQs that help understand the changing trends among shoppers and catch up with your younger customers to provide them what they need.
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The current generation, Gen Z, is bringing many changes to the world. Be it having their say on important matters, changing fashion trends, or changing the buying behaviour. Yes, the next-gen is changing the way people shop and many of you might have observed that. The way kids buy their stuff is very different from how their parents’ shop. The objectives are different and their requirements and expectations have been raised.

So how to crack this generation and win their hearts as a seller?

Here’s a list of some most common questions that any seller may have. These may help you understand their needs better and have an impactful approach. Take a look.

1. How is Gen Z’s shopping behavior different?

The current generation is a more conscious buyer, they’ve become aware of what they buy. Their shopping behaviour is driven by purpose and intent. People are now very particular in what they exactly want from a product. What they look for is not just a product but a satisfying buying experience so they can rely on your brand for future purchases. And it’s a cherry on the cake if your product can connect to them emotionally. Most of the top brands today strike the emotional chords because that’s what helps them stand out from the competition.

2. How can I catch up with changing trends?

The current generation is more expressive about everything. Listen to your buyers. Pay attention to your product review and feedback. Is there any issue that lots of people are talking about? Is there any suggestion provided to improve your product/service? Go through them all, and if possible, implement them because people today look at reviews before buying a product.
Also, observe your sales. Is there any particular product that is selling the most? That may be the hero product that you can bring to the forefront to draw more attention.
And lastly, use the internet to keep an eye on what’s trending among your target audience and try to add those products in your listing.

3. How to increase my product visibility?

To get more attention to your product, you need to put it at the forefront so that more people can see it. You can achieve product visibility by:

- Adding Keywords to your product title. These are the words that people generally use to search for products like colour, brand name, any specific feature, gender-specific terms, etc. Using the exact keywords will help people find your product easily and land you sales.
Example - Women’s blue gladiator sandals

- Using Sponsored Ads. Activating ads for your product will highlight them in the most prominent places on the Amazon platform. Your product will appear on top search results, on the top or bottom of every search result page, and as similar products on other product pages. Promote your product through sponsored ads to get more audience.

2. How can I catch up with changing trends?

There are several things to take care of for offering a rich customer experience.

- First things first, your product quality should be top-notch. Providing top quality takes care of a lot of things. People prefer quality over anything else and that’s what helps build trust in them for your brand.

- Paying for delivery is a stone-age concept now. Offer free and easy delivery services. Join FBA to offer unlimited free deliveries to your customers.

- People feel cheated when they receive a product and find that it’s different from what was mentioned. Provide complete and accurate information on your product page to avoid such misinformation and miscommunications.

- Always listen to customer feedback. Try solving their issues by answering their queries, offering replacements/refunds, etc. Build a bond with them by communicating in a friendly and polite manner.

5. Can social media help in getting more customers?

Next-gen shoppers are mostly found on social media. So it’s a smart move to hop onto social media to reach out to your potential buyers. Amazon’s Instagram page amazondotin is already reaching out to 15 lakhs people daily to promote various products. Then there’s sellersofamazon which is a seller-focussed page to help them grow. You can also have accounts on various social media platforms and promote your products. The important thing to remember here is to not put sale-focussed posts all the time. The youth wants to know how your products is helpful to them, so show them its benefits to the maximum.

To put it concisely, you have to do more than just selling. You have to make a connection with your audience so they choose your brand over others. Amazon offers you various services and tools to achieve this and become a trustworthy seller. Join Amazon today to start your business and appeal to the next-gen from Day 1.
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