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Tips and tricks to break out of the 9-5 mould and turn your talents into tactics with small business ideas in Mumbai

by Manasi on 07/11/2017
Being an entrepreneur is not just about joining the fad bandwagon. It about responding to market trends, digital disruptions, expanding selling avenues and of course, your own unique expertise and interests. India’s Maximum City, or Mumbai is the nation’s commercial and financial hub. Densely populated and fast-paced, Mumbai is a diverse melting pot that, despite its chaos, offers opportunities galore to the enterprising entrepreneur. Here are some tips and tricks if you are looking to break out of the 9-5 mould and turn your talents into tactics with small business ideas in Mumbai.

No start-up comes with an assurance of success and it takes more than just an idea to set up a successful business. Here’s a quick checklist for a niche market like Mumbai:

Look and leap, start small and test the waters.
Conduct market research and carefully assess the earning potential of your business idea.
Chart your roadmap with a thorough, future-focused business plan.
Spread the word with a strong digital presence.
Don’t lose sight of your target audience and customise your products and marketing strategy to them.

Explore these six swift small business ideas in Mumbai – The city that never sleeps and is always buzzing:

Home-cooked meals/Tiffin delivery service – With busy lifestyles, a lot of Mumbaikers don’t have the time to cook for themselves. Unleash your culinary skills to a meal service with fresh and home cooked meals for office-goers and families.
Pass on your hobby – Translate your learning to earnings with a hobby class. With very little investment and just a little space at home, you can start turning your painting, calligraphy, or even cooking skills into a class.
Photography – Put your DSLR to good use with photography. This niche talent can roll in the rewards, whilst you enjoy doing what you love as much.
The errand Expert – People are always seeking help, small or big in their busy schedules, whether it’s paying bills, delivering things, shopping for groceries or helping senior citizens. Be the errand expert with an efficient team, who can do odd jobs for a competitive fee.
Wedding/event planner – The year-round wedding season prevalent in Mumbai is the perfect opportunity to be an end-to-end planner for busy people who still love having great parties.
Maintenance Service – We are all looking for that handyman who can fix it all for us – leaking taps, broken handles and more. Being the one-stop-shop connecting mechanics, plumbers, etc. can lead to a profitable venture.

Small business ideas in Mumbai have the potential of gradual pay-offs. Don’t let the lack of knowledge, time, capital or the fear of failure deter you from realising your dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Program partners such as Amazon Business can provide you with the support that makes it all possible:

It is an anchor for small business ideas in Mumbai
Ordering for business becomes a lot more efficient with myriad options at bulk discounts and clean business-only pricing.
One-click shopping with easy 3-days refund and returns for damaged goods with Amazon Business Analytics metrics, makes it a stress-free and comprehensive shopping solution.

Go digital in every way with your small business ideas in Mumbai and save on your time, cost and stress. Here is how:

Register for a free business account with your GST number and be entitled to a tax credit.
Post a quick verification within 3 days, you can start shopping for your business needs anywhere, anytime.
Attractive pricing, discounts on bulk orders, and multiple payment options - Your buying journey can’t get any simpler.

Turn your startup into a successful venture with these small business ideas in Mumbai. Register today with Amazon Business and take that entrepreneurial leap.

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