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An ideal choice to sell online in India

by Arshiya Dey on 01/12/2017
Only a couple of years back, Amazon was launched in India with just about a 100 books and a few sellers. Today, the Amazon family has grown wide and large by selling crores of products every day to crores of customers across the country. Thousands of these customers shop on Amazon from remote areas, they shop for products that are not available locally and get it delivered through Amazon.

What has made this growing transaction possible and probably successful, are the sellers. They work hard all through the days, festivals, holidays, trying to add variety to their products and improve quality so they can fulfil customer needs. Their constant perseverence let to Amazon becoming a place for all.

Today, sellers have a new opportunity to further integrate their business into the Amazon family. Before a person can set up their business on any marketplace, they must do a basic research on what they want to sell and then figure out how to source the product at a reasonable price. A large part of the selling experience depends on this. But, is there a place, just one place where you can both buy comforatbly and also sell?

Other than the ability to reach crores of customers - selling on Amazon has a host of added benefits. Your seller account comes powered with Amazon Business, which allows prospective business owners to buy their desired products in bulk and sell them on Amazon. It is simple, convenient and comes with a minimum of the following benefits:
sell on amazon representation of products sold online

GST input tax credit

All your business purchases will receive a GST invoice, which would list the following details:
1. GST number of shipping state (if applicable)
2. Your company/organization name
3. PO number (provided you have added the PO number while ordering)
These details will make you eligible to claim input tax credit on select products.

Business only pricing and bulk discounts on lakhs of products. Quantity Discounts are tiered pricing discounts only available to registered business customers on for their higher-volume purchases.

Amazon’s A to Z guarantee for your products.

Return policy for business orders if the product is damaged, defective or wrongly shipped and if the seller is duly notified within 3 days from the order receipt by the business customer.

Standardised Shipping Speeds and Delivery Charges.

Seek help from Amazon Business Analytics to easily track orders based on your business needs.
So, there you go! You have the option to sign up as an Amazon Business customer and then become a seller, making it easier to buy and sell online.
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