A quick introduction to Amazon's Seller Central

by Arshiya Dey & Varsha Menon on 22/12/2016
Amazon Seller Central
Once you register to sell on Amazon India, your online shop is set up on Amazon.in although it is managed entirely on Seller Central. This is the place where sellers manage orders, find tools to manage inventory and continue to grow their business on Amazon.in. In this blog post, we will briefly help you understand the features and functionalities of the Seller Central platform, so that you can use it with ease.

To access your Seller Central account, you need to log on to www.sellercentral.in with your preferred login ID and password. Being able to login also means that you are now registered to sell on Amazon.

Understanding your Seller Central Account:

Let us start from the top where we have the tabs for navigating to most of the Seller Central features:

The Inventory tab is where you manage your current inventory, add new products and manage your Fulfillment by Amazon shipments.

The Pricing tab is where you access the Pricing Dashboard, manage pricing, check pricing alerts and automate pricing.

The Orders tab is where you manage your orders, download and upload order related reports and manage returns.

The Advertising tab is where you set up Sponsored Product campaigns to promote your products and enhance their visibility and for various other promotions for customers.

The Reports tab where you access various reports such as Payments, Tax documents and Selling coach recommendations on how to grow your business on Amazon.in.

The Performance tab is where you access customer service metrics, view customer feedback, check for A-to-z Guarantee claims, chargeback claims and performance notifications which may require your attention.

Note: Under the Performance tab you would find Seller University. It is a one stop shop for all process related educational videos and content in multiple languages. You can watch an array of short and simple training videos ranging from how to start selling your products on Amazon to how to become successful and many more.

The Services tab is where you find the list of services like Imaging, Cataloging and many others provided by our third party vendors to enhance your product quality and business growth on Amazon.in

As you move to the right, you see the search bar, wherein you can access the content on our help pages and seller forums by simply searching for a keyword. For Example: Search for ''Brand Registry'' and you will find the list of related search results for reference. You can also participate in the seller forums or contact Seller Support and check the case logs directly from the search option.

New Buyer Seller messages and the recommended help sections are listed under the messages and help option.

The Settings drop down will give you access to all your account settings including contact information, notification preferences, permissions for different users for your account and default settings for various account features.

Right below the navigation tab, you will notice various information widgets towards the left and right of the screen. These widgets are designed to give you high level insights on various aspects of your Amazon business, summary of recent orders and payments, performance metrics and others that include quick links to seller forums and other important links. You can also customise your Seller Central experience by expanding, collapsing and moving widgets around as per your preference.

The middle section is the summary of your Selling Coach recommendations. The Amazon Selling Coach collects personalised opportunities for you to increase sales. The recommendations appear once you add your inventory and start selling on Amazon.in.

Below you can find various announcements in the headlines and selling tool section. You can check for any Amazon policy updates, changes to Seller Central features and various tools and services that you can consider to grow your business on Amazon.in

As soon as your log into Seller Central, we recommend you explore the account and find more ways to sell better on Amazon.in.
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