Quick tips for sellers with limited budget to increase their sales on Amazon

Low-cost ways to increase your sales

by Arshiya Dey and Mohana Bhattacharyay on 09/02/2017
Thousands of sellers sell successfully on Amazon with little or no budget for investment. To understand what these sellers do right and how they grow their business with limited budget, we have categorised the best practices under the following 5 quick tips:
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Optimize your product details for search

Most customers find your products on Amazon through the search bar or the search section. Therefore, it is important that your products come up on top of the search results page. To understand how this works, try to think as your customer would, and start by typing relevant keywords. Go over the search result and see if your products are showing up on the desired page. If not, you must optimize your product title, description, and bullet points with these relevant keywords so they automatically come up. Your products should also have excellent product images that can quickly convince a buyer to make a purchase.

Price your products competitively

Online shopping allows buyers to easily compare different offers from various competing sellers. Study the competitors and understand their selection, pricing and promotions. Price your products competitively. Study the shipping rates for your category so you can offer free shipping; seek feedback from other sellers by either joining the Facebook Seller Group, attending an online training session by Seller University or simply by responding to the Account Management emails.

Create Promotions and Deals

Deals and promotions make your products more attractive and sale worthy. Customers often browse for and even wait for promotional offers before making a purchase decision. You can create promotional offers on Seller Central such as discounts, customised claim codes, free product offers etc. You can also create your own Lightning Deal (time bound promotional offers) for eligible products. These deals are featured on Amazon.in’s Deal page, thus increasing the reach of your offers.

Make your products Amazon Prime-eligible

The Amazon Prime membership offers unlimited free-one day and two-day deliveries on lakhs of eligible items in over 100 cities. Make your orders prime-eligible by enrolling for FBA. The Prime badge will then appear for all your products and hence, incentivize your listings further. FBA also helps in boosting the visibility of your products. Moreover, all your inventory requirements such as storage, order processing, deliveries and customer service is taken care of by Amazon

Encourage customer feedback

Every purchase should be followed by great customer service to enhance the buying experience. Customers prefer buying from high-rated sellers. Solicit seller feedback and product reviews from all your customers. Good feedback will assure the customers of the quality of your products. With the Voice of Customer dashboard to get a summary of feedback you can action on.

We would like to end this with a seller quote, in words of Nagesh Kamath, “First and foremost, get your products FBA listed; second, refine your title with good keywords that any prospective buyer may use to buy products under your category, get extraordinary images, fine tune your descriptions and keep short 5 bullet points. Third use Amazon sponsored ads to enhance your product visibility. Also appoint third party service provider after u get some response through sponsored ads to better manage your account. FBA listing will help you big time as customers trust FBA listed products and initiate purchases.
So in short FBA promotes sales, visiblity and better profit margins"
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