Importance of Fulfillment By Amazon for business growth post lockdown

‘This too shall pass."

One of the most reassuring and encouraging statements we get to hear when facing a tough situation. And lockdown was one such instance. Though it fills us with hope, the road to recovery is tough. And businesses who were shut during the lockdown can best explain how difficult it is to pass this phase.

Doing business sure has got difficult since the lockdown. Especially for those dealing in non-essential products, as people are now more focused on buying the essentials. So in such a scenario, how to regain customers and grow business then?

The answer is Online Selling on Amazon. Amazon has a unique program, Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA that may help sellers rebuild their businesses through its various services.

What is the Amazon FBA business service?

Amazon FBA helps the sellers grow their business by providing operational help. Through FBA, Amazon gives you access to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment resources and expertise, customer services, and trusted shipping options. Basically, FBA takes charge of your business operations so you can focus on more critical aspects of your business to grow and earn money.

Benefits of FBA for sellers

FBA holds several benefits for both new and existing sellers. These benefits may help to recover from the loss of the recent lockdown. Here are the FBA benefits for our sellers:

1. Prime badge

The biggest advantage of FBA for any seller is becoming a Prime seller, which means getting access to unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery. How does it help boost your business? By meeting people’s demands. Since the pandemic, most of the people are now working from home. Hence, now they need faster deliveries of their orders more than ever. So, they might prefer products with those sellers who have got the Prime badge. This is the perfect time to grab this premium fast-delivery opportunity to not let go of the probable customers and earn their loyalty.
Prime badget visibility for Prime sellers

2. Hassle-free operations

One of the problems that the businesses might face currently is operational management - like managing inventory and manpower. An inefficient operation may prove fatal for the business as the inventory may go to waste due to the lack of manpower. FBA provides Fulfillment Center (FC) to store and manage all your inventory, and the manpower to run your business smoothly.

You can either send your inventory to the FC or have the Amazon representative pick them up at your doorstep. All the processes from this point, like packaging, shipping, delivering are carried out by Amazon. Amazon even takes care of your returns and recollects them from the customer and brings it back to the FC. Amazon FBA handles customer service for you, to answer the queries and resolve any issues to offer a rich buying experience to the customers.
Fulfillment by Amazon process

3. Higher product visibility

To boost your Amazon business’s growth, you need to get more sales quickly. For that, you need to be more visible to the people coming to the marketplace. Products that are categorized under FBA get higher search than the rest. This is due to the Prime eligibility of those products which get more reach to the people than the non-prime ones. As your product gets to the top of the list among the thousands of similar products available, your chances of getting sales may increase. This can be beneficial especially for the new sellers who need to establish their brands fast on Amazon.
Prime search filter boosts visibility

4. Chance to win Offer Display

Here comes the game-changer.
Offer Display is the ultimate way of increasing your sales.
Most of the Amazon products have multiple sellers. But only one seller gets the Offer Display. It is the ‘Buy Now’ button on every Amazon product page, by clicking on which a customer can directly buy that product. People do not choose from the different sellers available. Instead, they generally go to ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ for a product they like. That’s why the sellers compete for this button as winning this button increases the chances of getting sales manifold.

To win the Offer Display, you should have:
● Better customer service
● Lesser order return/defect rate
● Higher performance metrics
● Lower price than other sellers
● Sufficient inventory

Guess what? Through FBA, you can unlock all the criteria faster than other sellers, as you get all these premium services as an Amazon FBA seller.
Get access to the Buy Box (Buy Now button) with Prime

5. Loyal customer base

Whether you’re an established business or a new one, one of the most difficult things for a business to achieve during tough phases is to build a loyal customer base. These are the customers who keep coming back to you to buy again and again. Customers look for quality, superior customer services, and lower or discounted prices. It is very important to build your customer base as soon as possible by providing what they strive for.

As an FBA seller, you get Amazon’s premium services, like high-quality packaging, on-time shipping and delivery, satisfactory customer services, and more. You can assure the buyers that you will provide everything possible to offer them the best buying experience. This may help you in gaining people’s trust and for people to start buying from you regularly.
Expand your customer base with Prime
Amazon FBA is a great way to grow your business, especially during the difficult times, like the one after the lockdown. Through its numerous features and services, you may get a chance to become one of the top sellers in your product category. If you haven’t joined FBA yet, try FBA for FREE now! Join FBA and get transportation, storage and packing, and anytime removal services without any cost (for the first 3 months up to 100 units). So, if you’re not an Amazon seller, this is the perfect time to join and sign up for the FBA services.
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