Ideas to start a new business - Exploring Meghalaya

Here are some of the ideas to start a new business with low investment

by Haimanti on 07/02/2018
Ideas to start a Business in Meghalaya
While relaxing on your rocking chair at home, or the revolving ones in your matchbox cabins at an urban office, it is difficult to imagine that the abode of clouds has opportunities galore for aspiring entrepreneurs. The beauty sitting between Assam and Bangladesh, Meghalaya is a tourist’s haven and a trader’s delight.

Meghalaya is often compared with Switzerland. But the comparison is not just for the beauty that the land of the Alps, and the majestic state India’s very own north-east boast of. It is, instead, more in terms of the economic similarities. As known to many, Switzerland is one of the smallest economies of the world. With a GSDP of about $ 3.5 billion (current US), the Meghalayan economy can be comfortably set side by side that of Switzerland*. Before churning out small to medium business ideas in Meghalaya, a glance at its economy reveals that the state has a prosperous one.

Ideas to start a new business with little investment...

Spice -

This business can unquestionably be your trump card in Meghalaya. The statement would make perfect sense if you recall history lessons, what drove the East India Company to this country. It needs no mention that spices would sell in a place where civilians are highly influenced by the flavor and aroma while both cooking and eating. A habitat of plantations of diverse types, Meghalaya can certainly explore into preparing and selling a variety of spices.

Bamboo handicrafts -

Ethnic ornaments and furniture have always fared well with the Indian consumer base. The artistry associated with bamboo handicrafts is in demand with a large section. The largest bamboo producer, Meghalaya, can leverage this to its benefit. With the magical expansion of online shopping today, it has become even easier to probe into the market, especially, for the rare and exclusive bamboo products.

Lemon by-products -

Native to Asia, lemon has ample health benefits and medicinal properties. From being an essential adding flavour to your food, to a natural scrub for skin, and a cleanser for hair, lemon caters to various needs. Dry lemon powder and lemon oil is also in demand owing to their astounding health benefits. The agriculture-rich Meghalaya, can explore ways to use lemon as a by-product and produce cosmetics, health drinks, and pickles.

Tomato chutney and pickle -

Much like lemon, tomato too is a crucial component of most Indian culinary needs. It is a great source of Vitamin C, which explains the demand for it. Tomato in any form sells, be it chutney or pickle, or the regular veggie as a salad ingredient. Homemade pickle and chutney is a brilliant business idea, and would certainly lure the country’s customer base always looking experiment with food.
If you dream of becoming a digital entrepreneur, but shy away thinking about the investment and effort, think again. Not every business demands a hefty financial investment, and in Meghalaya, you can skip a titanic financing. The diverse soil types that Meghalaya comprises, makes it agriculturally prosperous. One of the leading producers of cut flowers and bamboo, Meghalaya has been close to the prominent consumer markets. Small businesses have been emerging, and there is scope for a lot more.

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*Source: The Shillong Times: Snapshot Of The Floundering Economy Of Meghalaya
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