How to create a perfect product page that sells

A well-written and impactful product description has the potential to increase your sales. The secret is to present information to your buyers interestingly and tell them what they want to know. Let’s see how to achieve that and bring more sales.
Boost online sales
“Improve your product page to increase sales.”

You might hear this quite often from your peers ju , customer support, and professionals. But can product description bring sales? Isn’t sales increased by low price, advertising, and offers, right?

Let’s look at an example to understand this. Suppose you go to a nice restaurant for dinner. There you look at the menu and come across a dish that you don’t know about. So what do you do? You call the waiter to ask about it and he explains what it’s made of, what it tastes like, etc., etc. And if you like it you’ll order that.

That’s what the product page is for - to provide information about the product so buyers can make a buying decision. They land on your product page from the search result to know more about it. So you have to provide them with exactly what they’re looking for.

So here’s how you can write top-notch product descriptions.

Solve your buyer’s problems

Solve customer problems
Write your descriptions for your target audience. Try to understand what problems they face and what features they generally look for. Show how your product solves their problem. For example, if you sell women’s heels, the pain point to focus on is the discomfort of wearing heels for a long time. Show them how your product eliminates that with its comfortable sole, while adding style to it. If you can crack this, your chances of winning sales increase.

Offer complete details

Your product page should hold complete information on your product. Try to cover the 5Ws and 1H for in-depth detail.

What - What is the product? What does it do?
Who - Who is it for? Who’s your target audience? Mention the ideal age group, gender, or other such categories.
Why - Why should they buy it? Mention the benefits and advantages.
Where - Where is the product ideally used? Is it used indoors or outdoors? At office or at home? etc.
When - When is it useful? Is it to be used every day, seasonally, on some special occasions, at particular time of the day, etc.?
How - How does it work and how to use it? Include instructions if it’s complicated to use.

The more information you provide, the more it builds trust among buyers to buy it.

Show them the benefits

Product benefits
In a product description, people look for how it can be useful for them. If you’re mentioning only its features, it can turn them down. Instead, show them how these features can be beneficial for them. Turn your product features into benefits so it catches their attention. And if you’ve got some special features that gives you an upper hand, then by all means highlight it at its full potential.

However, you might need to display the technical features in case you’re selling electronic items. For such products, list the important features to help buyers make a buying decision.

Use bullets

The best way to structure a product page is to keep it crisp, clean, and readable. How to do that? Add bullet points.

● Enlist your important features and benefits as bullets
● Increase the font size to promote readability
● Put the important features in bold
● Include white spaces to increase readability

Following these practices makes the content easily scannable for everyone.

Make it SEO-friendly

As important it is to write a convincing product description, it is equally important to make it visible to everyone. For this, you need to include certain keywords that people usually type while searching for your product category. Include specific words that can help people find your product easily, like its brand name, color, model name, gender, etc.

Show your product

Show, don’t tell.

Showing what your product does is way better than writing it in words. Adding images and videos makes your product information richer. It helps people understand how your product actually looks and functions, along with its different colors, sizes, and other variants, so they can buy the one they like. Add images from all possible angles, and a product video to give a better outlook.

Tell a story

selling online representation of online store
Sell your product without selling it. How? By telling a story.

Nothing attracts people like a captivating story. So if your product has an interesting background, then weave a story around it. Add personal touch like what inspired you to create the product, what obstacles did you overcome to develop the product, how were its main features discovered, how was the product tested, etc.

If a buyer connects with the product, they’ll choose you over others, increasing your chances of sales. So leverage the power of storytelling to write a compelling product description and bond with the customers.

Use influential words

The power of strong and influential words should never be underestimated. Use persuasive words that describe your product the best and compel buyers to buy it. For example, strong battery power, crunchy nuts, smooth silk, comfortable sole, etc. These words stimulates buyer’s senses so they know what the product looks/tastes/feels like. Tapping on their senses is a smart way to drive them to buy the product.

And that’s how you can create a selling product description. Don’t waste words on information that won’t help your buyers. Everything you put up on the product page should contribute to make it more likeable and persuasive. Join to get help in creating a powerful product page from Service Provider Network.
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